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barrda 03-13-02 01:12 PM

14th Annual Chicago L.A.T.E. Ride
I'm not sure if this is the right location or forum for this post so please correct me or move it if needs be.:confused:

The 14th Annual Chicago L.A.T.E (Long After Twilight Ends) ride is taking place on Saturday/Sunday July 14th in Chicago.

It's a 25 mile road ride through the downtown section and northern suburbs of Chicago starting at 1:30AM Sunday morning.

The website is:

Check it out and maybe well see you there.


Joe Gardner 03-14-02 01:59 AM

Wow, that looks like fun! I would love to participate in this ride! I have always loved night riding, and theres nothing else like riding with 10,000 friends! :)

Dave, feel free to also list this in the Calendar, thats what its there for! :)

KleinMp99 03-14-02 09:45 PM

i hope i'm not too L.A.T.E for that race!

Oscar 03-17-02 11:21 PM

Every year I intend to ride it, but I always snooze out instead. If you like to ride during the daytime, you might like the Boulevard Lakefront tour, which is usually on Father's Day.

For a couple of years in a row, the Grateful Dead played Soldier Field the night before Father's Day. It was fun to see the dazed, waking up deadheads crawling from their tents and seeing thousands of bikes wizzing past them. Maybe they thought they were tripping, and maybe some of them were.

barrda 03-18-02 07:44 AM

Thanks Oscar, I'll check it out.


J.R. 03-27-02 08:15 PM

We've got something similar in Houston called the Houston Moonlight Bicycle Ride....been going on many years, thousands of riders. Last rode it as a kid but, want to try this year.

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