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scale 05-16-10 01:50 PM

finding a local riding group??
so.....i typically ride alone but im thinking if i can find someone that rides near my be up for a group ride. Ive never really done it before. Ive ridden with 1 or 2 frients infrequently and typically it is too slow. The one guy i ride with has since gotten into a relationship...gotten lazy and thrown on about 30lbs. He has lost all interest. Just as well.....he typically would stop every time his cell phone would ring and talk to whoever it was for 15 - 20 minutes each time. NOT FUN....and most of the calls were his mom :) thinking of getting into group riding if i can find some people. I see groups of 5+ riding by my place all the time but not sure how or where they meet up. They are usually in full gear, jerseys and full carbon bikes as well. Probably too fast for my blood. Im in love with steel.

IM thinking of posting on craigslist to find some group. I cant think of a better way to find one. Anyone have any ideas?

What i need is a site that has listings of group rides with pace and distance. That would be perfect.

How do you all find folks to ride with?

10 Wheels 05-16-10 01:52 PM

ask at your local bike shops

10 Wheels 05-16-10 01:55 PM

It would also help if you gave a hint as to where you live and what areas you want to ride in.

BF is world wide site.

JanMM 05-16-10 01:59 PM

Are there any bicycling clubs or organizations in your area?

Machka 05-17-10 02:02 AM

Using Google, look up the name of your town, province, or state with the words: cycling association or bicycle association or bicycle clubs or similiar.

Also, if you have a look at my Links page, the first three sections are long distance events and clubs, the next two are about touring, and then the next section is entitled: Cycling Event Lists & Organisations. Have a look at some of the links in that section, they may give you some ideas.

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