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AiredaleII 05-16-10 03:47 PM

Need Paypal Advice
I do not have a PayPal account. I am selling a bike to someone in another state and they want to use PayPal to pay me.

I see they have different types of accounts. What type of account will I need? Are there limits to how much money I can receive? (Bike is $1100.00) How does PayPal get paid and by whom?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

gh29er 05-16-10 04:39 PM

I have used paypal for some ebay purchases. With what I have done, the money goes into the paypal account and then I can have it put to my regular checking account when I want it. I believe that when someone pays you, paypal charges you a fee from the total amount. I don't know how much or if this varies with the amount so be sure to check it out really good before you agree to that form of payment. Hope this helps.

cmherrmann 05-16-10 07:06 PM

PAypal takes 3% just like a credit card does from a business. You would loose $33.00 on $1,100.00. If they want to use paypal I would ask them to cover the fees unless you do not mind loosing the $33.00 I have had a standad non-business Payapl account for years, just use a good password and never ever respond to any emails that appear to be from Paypal asking for account info, they are fake.

I use passwords that are made up of the first letter from each word in a familiar phrase like JAJWUTH# Jack and Jill went up the hill Then I add a weird character to the end or beginning like the # sign.

$ick3nin.vend3t 05-16-10 09:18 PM

You would receive $1067.80 from a $1,100.00 sale.

Your PayPal fees would be $32.20. Then you have your eBay listing seller fees on top of that :eek:.

eBay/Paypal fees are now just ridiculous.


To receive $1,100.00 (after fees) tell the buyer to dig a little bit deeper into the dime jar & send you $1133.16.

Moozh 05-19-10 07:10 PM

Yeah..when I use ebay nowadays to sell my wares I price to account for those fees.

You can get a 'verified' account from Paypal, it is somewhat helpful in having buyers feel comfortable about performing the transaction via the webz. You can send them an email invoice via paypal from which they furnish the information for payment directly to paypay, you do not see the cc number they provided so they are protected.

Be certain to be diligent and communicative with the other party regarding the details of the sale. Send a message telling them you have recieved payment, tell them everything is boxed and ready for shipment, provide them the tracking numbers and date of anticipated delivery. Dont get crazy but also dont get lazy. To protect myself I pony up for delivery signature confirmation and I insure the item if it crosses a threshold that seems spendy or prudent to me. I also account for this in the selling cost of the item, for example if I'm content at selling 'a thing' for $1000, I'll be adamant about selling it for $1050-$1060 to account for ebay fees, shipping insurance (shipping fees are separate and outlined generally in ebay), and paypal fees.

In the early days of ebay I didnt do this but nowadays with the fees from every which way I find I have to go this route and also the shipping insurance just to cover my @$$ if FedEx or USPS drop kicks the bone china I've just sold.

As mentioned you can link your checking and/or credit card account to Paypal so that when you are paid the money is transfered to whichever one you wish. I think by default it goes into your 'paypal' account which is essentially a debit type account and from there you can easily transfer the money to your linked account of choice, else it will remain in your paypal account and ready for use for you to make purchases via paypal without dipping into your checking or cc.

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