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|3iker 05-17-10 11:53 AM

Installing Tow hitch for car?
I wanna get a hitch mount bike rack. However my car doesn't have a tow hitch. I am wondering if it is possible to install a tow hitch by myself? Or does it require a visit to the dealership? How do you get one of these anyways?

Bianchigirll 05-17-10 12:01 PM

Hello I personally have never installed one but I have watched my brother install lots of them. most are model spefic and pretty much seem to boilt in with 4 or 6 bolts. if you normally work on your auto you should beable to install it yourself. wiring the lights can be tricky though but you don't really need those just for bikes.

Artkansas 05-17-10 12:01 PM

I can't help you there, but you probably can get a kit.

But this being a bicycle forum, I instantly had the vision of someone trying to get a hitch for their bicycle to tow a car.

x136 05-17-10 01:27 PM

Depends on your car. There are special units for lots of cars. A Google search will find something that will work for you if it exists.

I had to borrow use of a hydraulic lift and a powerful drill to drill the required holes in the framerails. And being a tiny car, it was tough to get that drill in where it needed to be. If you're lucky, the version for your car will attach to existing mounting points. :)

radshark 05-17-10 05:21 PM

Most cars are prepared at the factory for bolting on a trailer hitch. I put one on my car - install four bolts and your done. Seriously - simply stuff.

Naturally the hitch is specific to your car. There are two sizes 1 1/4 and 2 inch. Many small cars only have 1 1/4.

Try the following site and look at the install directions.

Wiring is another story....


Greg_R 05-17-10 05:49 PM

It should be noted that for a bike rack you do not need to worry about the wiring. Call U-haul, they specialize in trailer hitch installations and will let you know if a bolt-on kit exists for your vehicle. I was quoted ~$350 for my SUV which already had a "towing prep" package. Also, hitch mount bike racks tend to cost more than other options.

KZBrian 05-17-10 06:15 PM

I just installed a hitch on our '06 Terraza last weekend. Remove three bolts, hold the hitch into position, install five bolts. No drilling.
I bought the hitch from Harbor Freight has a ball mount that will let you tow a trailer and use a hitch mount bike rack at the same time.

Speedskater 05-18-10 07:56 AM

Many cars have pre-punched holes in the frame. After-market hitches are available that line up with these holes. I installed one during the 2003 power outage. Two possible problems: 1) getting under the car safely. 2) Mine used odd sized metric nuts (18mm) which complicated the task.

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