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bikeannapolis 05-18-10 08:57 AM

Is this worth it?
So I'm in the market for my first road bike, just looking for something fun to ride around, nothing terribly serious. I've been looking for bikes on craigslist and found this Motobecane for sale for $140.

I know nothing else about the bike.

Is this worth it?


dstrong 05-18-10 10:54 AM

I think that qualifies as "nothing terribly serious", especially with the existing configuration. I'd send an e-mail, see if you can get the approx. year and a description of the components and then post this question over in Classic & Vintage...those folks can provide good input.

Or...just go over to C&V and search for Motobecane. It might give you some insight into the value.

colombo357 05-18-10 12:03 PM

You'd look totally awesome riding that, but it's a pretty serious bike.

bikeannapolis 05-18-10 03:40 PM

Thanks you two for the input. I ended up talking him down to $100, so I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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