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timstone 05-20-10 02:40 PM

Do you wear anything special when riding in rain?
It's been raining like crazy here and I'd like to still go out and enjoy a ride...but I don't want to be soaked the whole time and be you guys wear something special in the rain that dries quick or is water repellent?

daven1986 05-20-10 04:11 PM

In winter I wear "rain legs" and a waterproof jacket. In spring I wear nothing special but usually have arm warmers and tights on. In summer I wear nothing special if it rains (usually have a jersey and shorts on). This is for a 9.5 mile each way commute - with a shower at each end. I quite like riding in the rain though :D

caloso 05-20-10 04:13 PM

If it's a cold rain, I'll wear a wool jersey and a windvest. If it's warm, nothing special.

Andy_K 05-20-10 04:23 PM

I wear wool socks and shoe covers, bike shorts and a cycling jersey. The wool socks are the only rain-specific item there, but the others help. If it's cold, I also wear arm warmers under a wind-breaker (which doesn't stop the water at all) and unpadded tights over my shorts.

LesterOfPuppets 05-20-10 04:26 PM

When it's a cold, light rain Helly Hansen shell and synthetic pants of some sort. Cold, heavy rain then the rain pants go on. Water proof boots or bring backup sneakers and socks in the backpack.

Spring rains, synthetic shorts are preferred (as they dry quickly) - usually board shorts for me during commutes.

c_m_shooter 05-20-10 08:59 PM

If it is warm, don't worry about it. Regular cycling shorts and jersey dry fast. You can only get so wet, and if it wasn't raining it would be from sweat on the 100 degree days coming up.

alexvpaq 05-20-10 10:09 PM

waterproof windvest, I swear it works.

veloGeezer 05-21-10 06:33 AM

they make clear plastic rain slickers that can fold up an be stuffed in a jersey pocket. In a summer rain, I'll wear that over my normal summer kit if its solidly raining all day.

In winter, I just wear my normal winter kit. If its raining, its not freezing, so why not

Machka 05-21-10 06:36 AM

Waterproof breathable jacket
Helmet cover
Waterproof breathable mitts

Wool and/or polypro if it is cold.

brianogilvie 05-22-10 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 10844365)
Waterproof breathable jacket...

Isn't that a contradiction in terms? :-)

I have an REI rain jacket (the Stratos) that is waterproof but doesn't breathe, and I have a Pearl Izumi Barrier jacket that breathes but is at best water resistant. I wear one or the other depending on temperature.

Seconding the helmet cover. I really dislike getting my head wet.

Pat 05-22-10 11:38 AM

I have an old cheap performance rain suit which I use for cold rain. If it is warm and raining, who cares?

Yst 05-22-10 12:35 PM

I've owned fairly cheap, and subsequently, fairly expensive waterproof/breathable jackets and pants, for Canadian three season riding, and the latter I'll still use in very cold weather. But presently my most important rainwear is just a transluscent PVC jacket with open mesh running under the arms and down the sides for breathability. It's one part 100% waterproof, and one part 100% breathable. Cost $25. And beats the "waterproof" and "breathable" jackets I've owned in every way.

chewybrian 05-22-10 03:25 PM

I put on a bright green Canari jacket, reflective legbands, and turn on the lights and blinkies. Make yourself as visible as possible; it's much harder for drivers to see you in the rain. I'd rather ride in the dark when it's clear than in the rain in the daylight. Better Fred than dead.

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