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blue_neon 09-02-04 06:22 PM

Letting down your tires, to a desired pressure???
I was wondering if there was an instrument of some sort that could be used to let down your tires to a desired pressure???

Say you were road riding, and came along a dirt track and you wanted to let down your tires for grip. Is there someth\hing you can let it down with, or just poke the pin and use a guess and check method (letting down, measuring, pumping up, letting down ect.)

Thanks in advance!

hillyman 09-02-04 06:28 PM

I can't say I've ever let down my tires for off road traction,but I've over inflated my tires. I just use a tire gauge not pushed all the way down to let a little air out, then push it down to check the pressure.

BigHit-Maniac 09-03-04 10:01 AM

Welp, this "practice" is pretty common for 4x4 guys... it's called "Airing-Down".

Anyway, I frequently do it.. as a lot of the trails I ride have paved path to get to them. So, I'll have 50-60 PSI in my tires for the paved part, and then lower them to 25-30 for the offroad. When I get done with my ride.. I'll C02 them back up a bit, or if I forget my inflator.. I'll just put up with the slow rolling resistance till I get back.


AndrewP 09-03-04 10:23 AM

BigHit-Maniac can you do this while you are driving along? When I was a child a guy in my town had a DUKW truck like they used in D-day landings. It had airlines going into the hubs so he could inflate the tires as he came off the beach onto the paved roads.

roadfix 09-03-04 10:42 AM

Just get a Hummer. You'll be able to deflate and inflate your tires on the run.

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