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KonaSmoker 09-03-04 12:02 AM

Florida Bike Forum Folk
Regardless of how big it ends up being, I hope all our Florida brothers and sisters stay safe.

Hang in.

Raiyn 09-03-04 01:12 AM

I thank you. Hopefully this won't be as bad as some are saying.

wfin2004 09-03-04 01:28 AM

And to think I ALMOST had a perfect 3 day weekend! I was really going to put on some miles. Could not wait for it to get here, now I can't wait for it to be over.

bab 09-03-04 05:49 AM

The rain is going to hurt us more than the winds.

kerk 09-03-04 06:54 AM

Good luck, guys. I have a sister in Orlando and they got hit pretty hard by the last one.

lotek 09-03-04 07:18 AM

whole family is in Fla. Brother in Orlando, Folks in Jacksonville and a few cousins
aunts and uncles scattered between J'ville and Homestead.
Folks work with evacuation center so they are staying put.

Current reports are that the hurricane force winds extend for 100 miles so
it looks to be a rather nasty one.

"there ain't no rhyme or reason to hurricane season" - Jimmy Buffet

take care,

a2psyklnut 09-03-04 07:19 AM

Thanks, got a sister in West Palm, and friends ALL over the state.

We're all HUNKERING DOWN (latest buzzword)!


MMPC 09-03-04 08:04 AM

Best wishes to all of our Florida brothers and sisters! Hopefully Frances will turn out to be a big ol' wussy of a storm - you guys certainly deserve a break...

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