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adam_mac84 06-05-10 06:51 PM

what is this devils creation (saw a bike like it at todays century)
what are these bikes called? is it just a super fast recumbant?

saw one with a rear zipp wheel, and probably an 18" front wheel with some side coverings... this guy could fly... it was crazy looking however

tsl 06-05-10 08:10 PM

Our own Blazing Pedals rides something similar. BP's bike is made by Velokraft. I think his is the Nocom (No Compromises) model.

Velo Dog 06-06-10 04:40 PM

Can't remember the brand, but I saw one on a charity ride last fall. The guy could fly on the flats and downhills, but didn't climb very well (typical of recumbents). Generally I like 'bents, and may buy one one of these days, but this thing just looks uncomfortable to me. If I'm going to recline, I'm going to recline in comfort....

TomT74 06-06-10 04:46 PM

The generic name is "low racer". Barbara looks to be on another Velokraft NoCom. She also holds two world records:

Ford Automotive Test Track, Detroit, USA

When: Sunday 19 July 2009 Afternoon

Distance in One Hour: 84.0204 km - 52.2077 miles (fully faired recumbent


200m time: 5.929 seconds (flying start)

Average Speed: 121.437 kph / 75.458 mph

Bike: Varna Diablo II (fully faired recumbent)

She starts RAAM on Tuesday in the Women's solo division and is aiming for yet another record. She would be fast no matter what she rode.

BlazingPedals 06-06-10 09:00 PM

That one is a Cobrabikes lowracer. It has dual-406 wheels, front wheel drive, and a mono-stay rear end. I think they are/were made in Belgium, but I can't seem to find any current info on them.

You can see the similarities with a NoCom. There's a story there, but the Nocom indirectly took its inspiration from the Cobrabikes.

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