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garethzbarker 06-07-10 08:51 AM

bike bags
I'm going home to the states on a couple of months and I'm thinking of buying a BD titanium MTB and flying it back to Korea. Just offhand would it be better to just use the shipping box from bikes direct or to try and find a bike bag? there is a tariff here and having a bag might make it easier to claim used. I imagine they are close in size but the bag 'looks' smaller and they might let it slide as regular sized I'm thinking. Flying Korean air.

Bianchigirll 06-07-10 10:32 AM

I am not really sure what kind of bike bags are available these days but the one I usedto use I would not trust to an airline baggage crew. you can't get this bike or something similar in Korea? I would check te price difference between a comperable bike and this bike with the tarrif/duty. also I would ditch the BD box and get some other bike from a shop so it is noit in the same brand box.

do they sell those cool VeloMinis in Korea?

garethzbarker 06-07-10 10:56 AM

Bikes are incredibly expensive in Korea. I bought and shipped my Roubaix here last year. Even after paying 400$ for shipping and 150$ in tariffs it would have been at least $1500 more for a bike of comparable components.

I just found the policy actually and it's not too bad. But I'm thinking of completely disassembling the bike and trying to stuff everything but the frame into a suitcase then cutting down a box for the frame. It won't save me much cash but might avoid the eyes of custom agents. The frame is titanium so I doubt they will mess it up. I wonder if I can get 26' wheels into a suitcase if I pull the rubber off?

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