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OrangeBrian 06-08-10 07:51 PM

Rebuild This BIke OR sell it?
Yea As i Said in my introduction post I have A 1994 Fuji sunfire mtb. I am Going to Ask u guys this.

Should I rebuild It As A touring bike Or Just Sell the bike frame . Because I Just finished Striping down the bike to its bare frame and i was planing to poweder coat the frame Orange And the Forks blue. Add A 6sp freewheel And A single speed crank. Add racks And Done. That's about 300 Bucks For me. OR should i just sell the frame for how much i had bought it For. $40

CNY James 06-08-10 08:08 PM

I did a MTB to touring conversion over the winter, no regrets. I have about $600 into it & the bike is just as I wanted it. I would say that if you can make a bike you'll like for less than you can buy one for, then it's worth your while. A lot of people told me not to do my build & some said that I could just buy a new bike for what I was going to spend on a build but I dont know, you don't see many $600 (or in your case, $300) bikes out there that are built to your specs.

mr geeker 06-08-10 08:40 PM

do or do not, either way, orange is a good color choice:D

OrangeBrian 06-09-10 01:13 AM

@CNY James Thanks for telling me that You Have Yet Placed me IN the Do it Quest of my orange BIKe!!! thanks =D

@Mr geeker Ahahah Yea Orange Is A fast color XD

Velo Dog 06-10-10 10:15 PM

I'm with James. If you can build something you like and will ride for less than you could buy it, why not? One of my favorite bikes is an old Bridgestone mountain bike I bought from a thrift shop for something like $40. It didn't make sense to put a lot of money into it, but I wanted a sturdy commuter i could also use in mud and rain in winter, and it's worked out great. I've been riding it for four or five years--it's fun, shifts and handles fine and i don't have to worry what happens to it.

OrangeBrian 06-11-10 01:48 AM

Thanks for some great advise and yea I geust I justmight build it but it will take time too cause I don't have the money

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