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garethzbarker 06-09-10 06:45 AM

Bikes Direct restocking
I tried to order one of the titanium hard tails from BD yesterday but they just ran out in my size in every titanium hardtail model :s. One employee told me through email that they won't be getting any more in stock until the 2011 models but another employee told me that they might restock.

Wonder which it is? I know they restock some models because there is a news letter you can sign up for to keep up on new shipments. Kind of hoping Mike sees this post and let's me know.

LarDasse74 06-11-10 07:21 AM

A company like Bikes Direct usually does not get small orders in from time to time... they are, I believe, an importer of bikes from overseas and probably get large container loads on a semi-regular basis. Obviously the advantage of BD business model is the massive cost savings compared to bikes of similar quality, but a drawback is the loss of flexibility... they cannot order one or two of something and have it arrive in a short time.

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