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giorgios 09-06-04 09:14 PM

saddle soreness
This is my sixth year of cycling. I have increased my miles to an all time high this year and there is still three to go... I never had to deal with saddle soreness before; small red bumps down there. What products do you use?

MMPC 09-06-04 09:40 PM

BodyGlide. Never had a problem with saddle sores since using it.

Xtrmyorick 09-07-04 03:30 PM

To treat or prevent?

Treat with Desitin. It's a product made for diaper rashes; you can find it at any supermarket.

Prevent with any number of products. I used to use Qoleum, but the woman who made it decided to stop for some reason or other. Now I use Chamois Butt'r. Both work fine for me.

mmerner 09-07-04 03:38 PM

Maybe it was a joke but , Lance Armstrong say he uses shaving cream to prevent saddle sorness.

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