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echotraveler 06-10-10 09:33 AM

Battle Rank (sticker over accident)
Hello guys,

Some days ago i went on a 60 mile ride with a friend. The ride was really nice and demanded our preparation. I broke a big a$$ bottle in middle of the rode and had to change tube, fell on road on and scraped my paintjob taking a photo.

The scrape was pretty long, and it made me remember about a previous fall that broke my elbow and a t-tshirt i loved! Since i loved this tshirt so much i made a patch and felt it was like a military rank.

My nice bicycle was SCRAPED!:mad: and repainting the scrape would be simply too complicated. So i adopted the patch strategy.

Went to a store that makes vinyl stickers and made sew pattern as if the scrape was a sewed battle scar.. now i plan to fix my scrapes with some kind of military rank symbolism. the more scrapes i accumulate the more experienced i become.:thumb:

Since the sticker is over a scrape i desided to protect the new Rank(sticker) with book repair tape from 3m. this tape is very similar to lizard skin you put on the chain side. LOOKS AWESOME, heres a cellphone pic....looks better in person.

cehowardGS 06-10-10 10:00 AM

Nice recovery and nice ending.. Looks good too. :thumb:

BTW, you better watch out admitting that you crashed a couple times, there is a poster in another that says if you crash a couple times you incompetent!! :)

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echotraveler 06-10-10 05:29 PM


Really!? thats absurd...theres to many variables on the road, like bottles, wet pine leafs, dog walkers, walkman walkers (lol), black ice, t bones, salmon riders, cars parked on MUP, opening doors, random glass, bicycles without brakes....too many variables..some sane some insane... Im actually pretty proud because i stood up and cycled away. Of coarse if someone falls too much for no apparent reason maybe they should visit a doctor and check themselves.

tsl 06-10-10 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by echotraveler (Post 10941798)
with book repair tape from 3m. this tape is very similar to lizard skin you put on the chain side.

Book tape is my favorite 3M product.

Occupational hazard, I suppose.

mr geeker 06-10-10 07:56 PM

looks nice. definalty a long knarly scratch.

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