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sportridertex 06-13-10 09:42 AM

Raleigh Clubman 2010,
I'm trying to talk myself out of the New 2010 Clubman, I did a short test ride, I noticed the handlebars are more retro on the 2010 model, the 2009 model had a more modern bar set up.

Plus that Brook's Swift saddle, not sure about the fit.

In 1969 I bought a new Dawes Galaxy bicycle with a Brooks saddle, I don't remember what model it was, but that seat never was comfortable for me. I rode that bike everywhere, 100 mile days were not uncommon, but now many years latter, not seeing a possibility of 100 mile days, so how's the break in on a Brooks saddle now?

Any 2010 owners here? any opinions on the bike?

RickB. 06-13-10 04:46 PM

Love the look of the Clubman, man. I have a steel bike vision on the horizon for myself. Brooks saddles have a great resale value, especially brand new like that. Oh, BTW I would be 17.

boyurboy 06-14-10 04:43 AM

I bought the 2010 clubman about 2 weeks ago. I love it. It looks great...the 2009 just looked weird with the wing handlebars and all the black bits...the shiny chrome works much better with this style of bike, and all the important parts gleam on the 2010.

I rode it in the Tour De Cure yesterday, and it performed flawlessly...fenders were useful since it rained to start, saddle was fine (after only about 200 miles it is already conforming to me nicely), and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Tiagra shifters and rear derailleur worked: smooth, quiet and fast. Overall, the only complaint is that they don't ship to the LBS with an uncut steerer which means you have to play with stem angles and length to get the fit just right. It rides nicely, compliant but responsive. I think its a well balanced frame for everyday riding. Raleigh got this one right...

sportridertex 06-14-10 08:51 AM


Question for you, "uncut steerer" I don't understand what that means.

sportridertex 06-14-10 08:52 AM


Question for you, "uncut steerer" I don't understand what that means.

boyurboy 06-14-10 11:40 AM

I am no expert on this stuff, but here is my layman's description:

The bicycle's fork comes attached to a tube that sticks up through the head tube of a frame and to which the stem is clamped (on modern, threadless headset bikes). If the fork is manufactured to fit various frame sizes, the tube is going to be a set length, generally longer than the longest needed. The assembler then cuts the steering tube (the part sticking up from the fork) to the length needed based upon whatever size frame it is in. Most mass produced bikes get their forks cut prior to being shipped to the dealer.

If you get a bike (like the clubman) that has a precut steering tube, you only get to change handlebar height by changing (and/or flipping) stems. If the tube is uncut when it is delivered, you can actually just add or remove spacers to determine the correct height without having to try bunches of stems, then cut the tube where it is best for you.

example of an uncut fork:

example of a bike with a long steer tube (it was delivered uncut and sized by the guy who built up the bike:

Nigal 06-20-10 10:09 AM

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It came down between the Clubman and the Cross Check and I chose the Clubman. I've had my Clubman for about a month now and I love it. I had trouble with fender clearance but finally got it tuned in. The Brooks Swift is breaking in nicely. I LOVE the pump it came with. I added an Axiom rack that looks great on it. I lucked into a nice looking stainless water bottle at Kohls for $3 that fits the look well.

sportridertex 06-21-10 08:44 AM

I like that Nigal, the rear rack looks good too, I have never seen one like that before.

Nigal 06-21-10 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by sportridertex (Post 10994463)
I like that Nigal, the rear rack looks good too, I have never seen one like that before.

I got the matching small front rack too but sadly the bike doesn't have the right hardware for it so it's going back. I found the rear rack at REI for $90 but found it else where for $60.

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