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BluesDaddy 06-14-10 08:35 PM

Fit: What's causing knee pain?
On my latest bike, I'm getting pain like a mild strain behind my left knee after a brisk 5 mile ride. The bike is a vintage tourer. It's probably a little small for me, but I can get the seat to what I think is the correct height. (knee slightly bent at bottom of stroke) The bike is a 56cm square; I usually ride a mountain bike in a 20 inch. This happened twice; after the first time I dropped the seat down about 5mm. Is there a problem with my form or is it seat height or am I bending over too much because it's a drop-bar bike?

ScottNotBombs 06-14-10 08:47 PM

There's a link somewhere that says what pain in different areas of the knee are caused by. Gonna see if I can get it before someone else! BRB!

ScottNotBombs 06-14-10 08:49 PM !!~!!!!!!!!

BluesDaddy 06-14-10 09:19 PM

Very informative- Thank you! Looks like I need to tweak the fit more and not push too hard right away. I guess I'm not a spring chicken any more. ;)

ScottNotBombs 06-15-10 01:21 AM

I'm 23 and have had knee pain, wrist pain, and achilles pain. I think I'm finally working it out though. I'll find out for sure during my ride from Chicago to Cleveland next week! Hopefully I'll be ok

Bikewer 06-15-10 09:33 AM

Proper fit is likely the most important thing for cycling, and often the most-neglected. The typical bike-shop "fit job" ("Yeah, that looks about right!") is not much help.

In addition to your seat height, you need to check the saddle fore-and-aft position, foot position on the pedal, etc. If you don't have a trainer or some way to hold the bike steady, get someone to take your picture on the bike and post it.

DieselDan 06-15-10 09:44 AM

Pain behind the knee would indicate a seat that is too high, but the pain would be behind both knees, not just one. You may have an injury or a slight leg length discrepancy.

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