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girlggc 06-16-10 10:47 AM

What type of bike is this?
I have an old bike. I got it when I was 12 and I will be 25 next week. But I was wondering what type it was. By "type" I mean mountain, comfort, etc. I really don't know since I'm really just taking up biking. Oh, btw, the brand is Pacific and the model is Escape.

arej00dazed 06-16-10 10:54 AM

pics? I'm gonna guess a mtn bike.

Artkansas 06-16-10 10:55 AM

A quick search on the web showed me nothing. Do you have a picture of it you can post?

girlggc 06-16-10 11:01 AM

Oh, yeah, pics are a good idea! I'll have to do it in a bit because I have an appointment now.

AndrewP 06-16-10 11:02 AM

Pacific is the brand owned by Dorel that they sell through department stores. With a name like Escape it would be a mountain bike.

RonH 06-16-10 03:42 PM

If you got it when you were 12 it most likely won't fit you now. Time for a new bike that's the correct size.

powers2b 06-16-10 04:07 PM

If it's a Pacific it's time for a new bike.


KungPaoSchwinn 06-16-10 04:30 PM

A cruiser.

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