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CitiZen 06-19-10 05:11 PM

Calling all sissies: what temp do you consider "too hot" to ride?
I'm temped to forget the bicycle and just take the Vespa if it's much more than 80 outside. Please assure me I'm not the only weenie on this forum. (Or maybe I am!)
What about you?

lucille 06-19-10 05:21 PM

30 C is too hot for me. We usually get humidity with it, so it feels more like 36C +
20-27 C is perfect.

silverwolf 06-19-10 05:55 PM

Let me preface this by saying I hate hot climates and have a "cold" natural temperature preference- 105f+. Despite my hate for the heat, there's no other option here in TX save the bus or mooching rides from a friend. The airflow cools me down fairly well but over 105 degrees and nothing helps. Around 90f would be my limit if there was another transport option.

Machka 06-19-10 06:00 PM

I attempted a 100K populaire this past summer. It was about 35C (95F) to start ... which wasn't too bad. But by the time we reached the big hill at about 50 km, the temperature was up to 42C (107.6F), and the on-road temperature my bicycle thermometer was recording was 47C (116.6F). I made it to 88 km before pulling out of the ride.

But I think the only reason I was struggling was because I wasn't used to it and wasn't as fit as I could be. I had come through a year of winter with my move from Canada to Australia, and this past summer here in Australia wasn't as hot as "usual" December was actually quite chilly.

When I lived in Winnipeg I rode in temps in the high 30s/low 40s all the time and was OK. I remember one day, a friend and I set off on a ride about 11 am. It was already really hot by then, and I found out later that the humidex factor (what it feels like when you combine a high temperature with the humidity level) was 48C (118.4F) ... we rode 200 km that day.

While I prefer temps right around the 25C area, I can ride fairly comfortably up to about 35C.

Bikewer 06-19-10 06:45 PM

I once attempted a 100 mile charity ride when it climbed to 103.... Too much. Got severe leg cramps despite constant hydration.
That was some years ago... I'm 63, and had stents applied a year ago April. I have had absolutely no trouble since, but I don't plan to tempt fate either.... I'd say 90-is is about my comfort level, and I prefer it considerably cooler.

mawtangent 06-19-10 06:46 PM

The most miles I bike at a time is around 18.5 miles. I feel like temperatures in the 80's are okay, I break a sweat but don't feel overwhelmed by the heat (and mentally I feel like the 80's are so close to 70, and 70 can feel quite cool, especially if you are just sitting in an air-conditioned room)...At 90 there is some discomfort that takes a bit of joy out of the ride...At 95+ is where I especially try to "not push it", pace myself and stay hydrated. In Southwest Virginia we don't get very many 100+ days (but we do get plenty of sunshine and humidity in the summer).

travelmama 06-19-10 06:58 PM

I did a half ironman on a day that reached 102 degrees. The cycling wasn't bad but the run didn't happen as everyone either walked or shuffled.

serra 06-19-10 07:33 PM

I'm not a big fan of the heat either. I rode what was at the time (last summer) a fairly difficult ride for me, perhaps even a bit too difficult in 100 something. It was about 40 miles, I ran out of water after I drank all 5 or 6 liters, which I thought would be too much at the time. I was about 5 miles from home, probably almost keeled over. I learned a mighty lesson about how fast heat can suck the water out of you. I try to avoid the heat, but when I can't, I make sure to bring a LOT of water.

TomT74 06-19-10 07:41 PM

Anything mid 90s F or higher will do me in. Today was high 80s and 47 miles. I needed lots of fluids and was never really comfortable in the sun.

Kimmitt 06-19-10 08:01 PM

83 or so is my top, but I run hot.

Bicycle Guy 06-19-10 08:05 PM

I prefer riding in cool weather, but in my area during July and August, the "low" temperatures for the day are often
over 70 degrees F.

I think it is like most activities in high temperatures; you get somewhat used to it, and one should do things in moderation.


LesterOfPuppets 06-19-10 08:06 PM

I ride in any temp. Used to live in PHX, AZ and rode in 100+ days a lot. I find it uncomfortable over 75 degrees on a still, humid day. Over 80 degrees on a dry day, but I can deal with it when it gets hotter. It only gets bad when you have to stop for a stoplight or have to climb a steep hill, though.

I skated pools one day when it was REALLY hot out. Must've been the equivalent of 125 or so in the bottom of a white plaster pool with the sun beating down.

Velo Dog 06-19-10 08:09 PM

I've always enjoyed exercising in hot weather. I was a runner for 15 years or so before my knees gave out and i started cycling, and I looked forward to running home from work in July--usually 90-100 degrees, sometimes hotter. When I switched to cycling, I carried four water bottles and drained them on an hour ride.
Got soft when I got old, though. Anything over low 90s now, I pretty much go in the morning or wait for sunset.

caloso 06-19-10 08:13 PM

105F/41C. But it's a dry heat around here.

Arcanum 06-19-10 08:38 PM

"Too hot"? What's that?

Then again, I'm car-free and gainfully employed, so I don't have an option except to ride no matter the temperature.

zonatandem 06-19-10 08:50 PM

Having lived n Arizona for the past 30-some years you quickly become acclimated to riding in 100+ degrees; yes, humidity's usually in single digits.
Have commuted many times in 105 to 110 degrees. Hottest ever for me was 117 degrees with 2% humidity. No fun!
Have ridden in Michigan winters regularly at 20 degrees.
Worst ride ever was one summer on a century in Maryland: 98 degrees with 98% humidity on our tandem. Brutal!
Currently riding in northern Utah where it's 50 degrees cooler than Tucson. N-i-c-e!

LesterOfPuppets 06-19-10 09:02 PM

I went back east to Rocky Mount, NC in July a few years ago and I just don't know how I could do anything in that kinda heat. Having lived near there and near Alexandria, VA for about 6 years total (from about 1974-1980), I just don't know how I survived. I walked out of the house in Rocky Mount and was instantly dripping in sweat. There was no wind whatsoever, high 90s temp, high 90s humidity.

I'm sure it's something you get used to, though. After a couple of months it might have been no big deal.

Doohickie 06-19-10 09:07 PM

100, maybe 105. Something like that. I've ridden in temps as cold as... I think 16 or 17 F as well.

DataJunkie 06-19-10 09:28 PM

80F? Er...
5F is my low and 112F is my high.

bjtesch 06-19-10 09:50 PM

My range is 30F to at least 105F. I know in the past I have ridden many days over 105, but I'm older and lazier now, and I could probably come up with more excuses to not ride if it is really hot outside. I've been riding in hot weather for almost 30 years so my body has gotten somewhat used to it.

StephenH 06-19-10 10:00 PM

It entirely depends on the conditions. If I have to be somewhere and not soaked in sweat, then anything over about 75 won't work. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how hot it is. I'll ride a shorter distance, or stop more or do whatever it takes. I'm mostly just riding for exercise, so I'm not obligated to get a certain distance.

I did a brevet Friday, when the forecast was for 97. I'm not sure if the actual temperature hit that or not.

RonH 06-20-10 08:03 AM

I'll ride if the temps are between 35F (2C) and 98F (36C). It usually doesn't get much above 95F around here. Today's high is supposed to be 94F. The heat index often gets above 100F.

guadzilla 06-20-10 08:10 AM

Been riding in 115F with 60-65% humidity this past month.... it doesnt get easier.

idiotekniQues 06-20-10 08:20 AM

80? that's pretty low. we've already ridden 20+ mile rides out here in nyc that are over 80 and also 90 degrees. plus humidity.

it would have to be over 100 to even consider not riding, and even then with a boatload of humidity. 100 dry heat no problem. just hydrate.

deep_sky 06-20-10 10:17 AM

Anything over 85, and I am staying home. The two times I have attempted to ride over those temps has resulted in heat exhaustion no matter how much water and electrolytes I take in.

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