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jmoney1981 06-19-10 05:21 PM

Newb to biking...Need help

Im very new to biking or you could call it commuting. I have chose to ride a bike to work instead of a car. My problem is I cant afford the bike I should get so Im looking for an alternative. I am 6'6" and need a 22" frame bicycle. I found a Olpran MTB on amazon that has lockable shocks and has a 22" frame other than that I don't know anything about it. Can anyone please help and let me know if its good enough for me to use to commute to work. Thanks in advance.

CbadRider 06-20-10 10:43 AM

I recommend test riding a few bikes before you purchase anything. Go to a store and try out different types of bikes and see what works best for you.

You can certainly use a MTB for commuting, but if you plan on riding a lot of miles a hybrid or more road-friendly bike might be more comfortable.

geo8rge 06-20-10 11:48 AM

Post a link to the bike, with specification of parts. Or post the amount you will be willing to pay and what you intend to use it for. lockable shocks - why do you need shocks at all? For commuting you should look for used bikes as they are chained outdoors, take abuse in general, and eventually will be stolen.

Kimmitt 06-20-10 12:06 PM

Here's a good source for starting out:

They like to spend money, but it's a good place to read while you're still in Information Overload.

StephenH 06-20-10 12:55 PM

Assuming you're proportioned normally, at 6'-6", you're not going to find too many bikes out there to fit you.

On the plus side, for whatever reason, it seems when selling bikes, that a larger frame is a detriment, so they sell cheap. The problem is, to get a good deal on a used bike, you need to be a bike expert. Got any good friends that are bike experts?

jmoney1981 06-20-10 01:15 PM

Re: Newb to biking...Need help
here is the link to the bike for sale...

For me its a matter of getting the best bike for my money. Im on a budget of about $250, so the bike appealed to me. Also, I've ridden a bunch of bikes from Fisher's to Treks and felt's, they all feel the same to me. I was measured and told to ride a 22" frame bike by two LBS. I found this bike and just want to know if it is worth the $200. I cant afford the $500+ that the other bikes cost, so if this bike is decent to anyone else, I will get it. Just need some input on the bike itself. Thanks for all the input though.

Velo Dog 06-20-10 11:48 PM

Barring unusual circumstancews, I'd think a 22-inch frame would be far too small for you. I'm about 6'3" and ride a 64 or 65cm road bike, a little over 25 inches. My mountain bike is a 22, but it's pretty small--got more than a foot of seat post showing, and a long reach down to the bars.

1987cp 06-24-10 08:03 AM

FWIW, I'm 5'9" and have two road frames that I like. One's 21" and required a rather tall stem to really get it comfortable, and the other is 23". I can see a very short frame possibly being suitable if it's one of those new "comfort hybrids" with radically sloping top tubes, designed to get the bars up good and high while leaving lots of room for these newfangled boingy seatposts, or possibly if you like your bars really low (my 19.5" mountain bike was almost unbearable with it stock stem).

Aside from considering cheaper new models (if you seriously dislike wrenching), does anyone near you resell old stuff? Bike shops in my area sometimes have good deals on older bikes (like an '80s Paramount MOS for $250), and the local university has a bike department of sorts that tunes up and resells donated or confiscated bicycles.

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