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ChrisRedfield06 06-19-10 09:18 PM

schwinn tourist flat bar road bike
is this a good beginner bike? im looking for exercise and to do some long rides.
dont want to spend the big bucks quite yet. any feedback helps! thanks

Wanderer 06-20-10 09:08 AM

Yes, it's a very decent bike, for the money. You would be hard pressed to find a better beginner bike.

Siu Blue Wind 06-20-10 09:14 AM

I would recommend it. Very nice for the price, and excellent starter bike. This is the bike that I'm telling my friend about. She's going to pick this up as her second bike pretty soon.

Wanderer 06-20-10 09:22 AM

It would also be an excellent "college bike."

ChrisRedfield06 06-20-10 09:32 AM

nice thanks so much for the back up everyone. i will definitely go out and get this bike :)
and i'am in college so thats perfect then!

Siu Blue Wind 06-20-10 09:35 AM

Oh cool! Be sure to post pictures when you get it, okay? :)

ChrisRedfield06 06-20-10 08:41 PM

will do! sounds good :D

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