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lowlux 06-21-10 02:57 PM

vinyl carbon fiber wrap for bikcycle??? racing shirts ect..
anyone know where i can buy vinyl wrap in carbon fiber pattern"black"... so i can wrap my bike cycle in it? my bike has a lot scratches from hard riding over many years.. I am sick of people thinking i am homeless and stopping me on the side walk... :mad:

I need to also get some kind of bicycle racing shirt( so morons don't think im homeless).. it gets 110 degrees down here in Hell... so i ride late close to dark... black would be nice...

umd 06-21-10 03:27 PM


xtrajack 06-21-10 04:37 PM


Originally Posted by lowlux (Post 10997062)
think that's funny? they just found a 10 year old that was locked in his bed room for an entire year.... he was forced to eat his own ****.. one day ago.. .they found a women sleeping with a dead body for 5 years, 5 days ago?

this town is screwed up.

Which town is this?

lowlux 06-21-10 05:12 PM

anyone know?

BlazingPedals 06-21-10 07:58 PM

My troll-o-meter just spiked.

Garfield Cat 06-24-10 03:01 PM

When stopped, you get money? Food?

dcrowell 06-24-10 06:21 PM

I always wanted stick-on fake lugs, for the retro-grouch who can't afford lugged steel. :)

Mr Danw 06-24-10 07:26 PM

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