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gundogblue 06-26-10 02:15 PM

Road bikes
Im thinking about getting a road bike, the bike I now ride is a Trek Navagator 2.0. I'd like a bike that is more responsive, faster, and one that I can go farther on, I ride every day five days a week and put on 55 miles per week but I plan on upping my milage, I see the guys ridding their road bikes and they're much faster and it seems as if it's easier to ride into the wind with them. But there are so many models out there makeing a choice is a bit bewildering for me. Some have all carbon frames while others have only carbon forks, I see alot of Treks, Cannondales, Giant, and Specialized bikes, but I don't see many Schwinns out there, is it that Schwinn does'nt make a bike that competes with the others anymore? Any advice on this will be greatly appriciated, I have $1500 dollars to spend, but if I can get a nice road bike for less that would be a plus.

Robert Foster 06-26-10 02:43 PM

with that budget you should do fine by going to most any Bike Shop and looing at what they have. Giant, Trek, and Specialized all offer bike in that range that would work for you as well as Jamis and some others.

look at this bike and see how it is equipped then see if you can find something close to it in that price range by the manufacturer of your choice. The key is ride before you buy. Try a few out and then once you get the bike don't look back.

Loose Chain 06-26-10 03:52 PM

Schwinn is not Schwinn USA. That company filed bankruptcy and the name was sold to some giant box factory rep company. They are not, generally, considered high quality bicycles. The Schwinn family I think if I understand it all still builds bikes and frames under the names Gunnar and Waterford.

Go to a quality bike shop with a good line of bikes and talk with them and look and then go to another and another and soon you will have a better feel for exactly what sort of "road" bikes those guys are riding that blow past you like you are dragging a boat anchor around.

Yes, surprisingly, lol, road bikes are faster into the wind, down wind, across the wind and everywhere including uphill, downhill and around turns and everywhere.

Bikewer 06-26-10 05:20 PM

The Specialized Allez is very well thought of:

And most all the models fall into your price range. For your money you'll likely get a nice carbon or carbon/aluminum frame and a decent (Shimano 105-ish) set of components. Shop around to the brands listed above and see who's giving you the best deal.

Bianchigirll 06-26-10 05:32 PM

Here is the answer to your road bike dreams. a great Reynolds 631 frame and Alloy fork. great all around geometry.

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