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Pablo 09-09-04 11:40 PM

How light are Cannondale bikes?
I am looking at the 2005 Cannondale Road Warrior 800 and was wondering if it is as light as the Felt SR71? I know the Felt weighs 20.3lbs. (56cm). I am looking at Medium frame for the Cannondale and a 53cm frame for the Felt. Was wondering which one is the lighter bike?

3dsteve 09-10-04 04:57 AM

i have a 58cm , 2002 r1000 cad4 cannondale that weighs in at 19.5 lbs with 2 bottlecages and not the lightest wheels

PriO 09-10-04 09:48 AM

i have a r600 and its 20lbs with 2 bottles

edmaverik 09-10-04 07:36 PM

My C'dale Saeco CAAD5 when built up was 16.5 lbs w/ Tao water cages... I've upgrade to a C'dale Six13 58cm and I am pushing 15.5lbs. My new race rig (Six13) is sinful.

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