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KonaSmoker 09-10-04 03:42 PM

Florida Bikers: Sad to say it again...
But to our brothers and sisters in the FLA, hang in there.

larue 09-10-04 04:05 PM

Yeah Ivan is headed our way, thing is the damn path keeps changing. Right now it's headed for Tampa but looks like where I live (Fort Myers) will still receive plenty of punishment.
I can't wait until we save enough money up to get out of here.

coney 09-13-04 03:09 PM

Is Florida still there?

They keep evacuating then telling people they can go back, then evacuating then telling people they can go back...seems like everyone would just move to Georgia till November.

Keep your heads down and consider building dome homes...

bab 09-14-04 07:48 AM

South and Central Florida are back to being hot and humid. Ivan decided to harrass someone else for a change.. BUT the panhandle is about to get hit hard. My Brother-in-law was in Pensacola and they evacuated yesterday.

Raiyn 09-14-04 12:58 PM

Funny thing was we spent the weekend in Thomasville GA. (Just north of the FL panhandle) because we were on our way north to avoid Ivan Wee were headed to a friend's house in NC and decided to stop for the night due to our late start. (I knew we were jumping the gun but I was outvoted). The house is still boarded up and probably will be at least until this weekend mainly due to everyone's schedule.

It gets better: Jeanne is heading towards the East Coast as a Tropical Storm. Frankly I'm tired of these damn things

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