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Istanbul_Tea 09-10-04 06:58 PM

Getting my first custom cycle (totally custom... met with the builder, discussed what I wanted-got his input & feedback, was measured by him 3 separate times, he watched me ride 2 different bikes, discussed the frame tubing, etc) and it's nearly done...

Besides driving myself and my wife nuts with this &^%$##@[email protected]#$#$$#)(* Imron Fleet Color Chart book and all of its beautiful options/choices I thought I would put this to you fine folks here at Bike Forums too (as well as some other forums & Lists I subscribe to)...

The Details...

Steel, custom handcut lugs, touring, every conceivable braze-on known to man, 26" wheels, my initials are handcut into the head lug. 99.9% of the components are silver (versus black) only black items will be racks (Tubus), rims (Velocity Deep-V's) and saddle (Brooks B.67).

The Question...

So, what 2 or 3 color paint combo do YOU think would look best??

SteveE 09-10-04 07:16 PM

I dunno, it sounds like a very traditional style bike. Have you ruled out a traditional, single color paint scheme. If you go the 2-color direction, I'd keep it very sinple and just paint the head tube a different color. Red/Cream sounds appealing to me. I'd look at some of Richie Sachs stuff or go to Joe Bell's website. If you have cut-out lugs, get the cut-outs painted in an accent color.

My $0.02.

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