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N_C 09-12-04 10:41 AM

Very rarely do I have what I personally consider to be a perfect bike ride. They usually range from ok to really great, but hardly ever perfect.

Yesterday, Saturday 09/11/04 I did a ride called Tour De Rock. This was the 6th one, it starts & ends in Pella, Iowa, about 40 miles east of Des Moines on Hwy 163. There are 2 routes, the 35 mile route is all on the Volksweg trail and goes around part of Red Rock lake out to a community called Fifield then heads back to Pella. The long, 50 miles route goes through eastern Marion County heads back toward to Red Rock Lake to the trail, out to Fifield then back to Pella.

This was the third one I did. I did the long 50 mile route. It was what I would consider to be a perfect ride. What made it tha way? Well a lot of things. The weather, my mood & attitude, the fact that I didn't crash on the long route like I did when I did the ride for the first time 2 years ago. Resulting in me doing only the shorter 35 mile route last year. The post ride meal even had something to do with it. Seeing people I have ridden with on other rides through out the year & from past years where loose friendships were formed & continue today & of course making new friends. Even hearing the national anthem sung before the ride started in honor of the events from 3 years ago helped make it perfect.

So it wasn't anyone thing, but several things combined. What makes these perfect rides so special is they rarely happen & it is wonderful when they do.


ctyler 09-12-04 11:44 AM

Days like that are why we all ride. Wish more of my rides could be that perfect.

Gojohnnygo. 09-12-04 12:40 PM

Perfect rides are great. I had a perfect ride today on the mountain bike for 2 hours early today, sunny and cool temps.

I said to myself, when you get home eat and take the road bike out for a couple of hours. Big mistake within 7 miles POW! flat no problem, I got a spare tube and frame pump. Then start to change the tube, thats when I Realize I left the frame pump sitting on the couch :cry: My feet are killing me.

jkittlesen 09-12-04 01:08 PM

nice post

dfchatten 09-12-04 01:23 PM

I'll send that .. very nice post.

I had that type of ride today. 50 miles, 70's, no humidity, no wind, sunny as can be, and I hammered to the top of Mt. Wachusett, and looped in and around the Central MA area. The "Cycle Gods" were looking down on us today.

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