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rjtokyo 09-14-04 01:24 AM

Mt. Fuji Ride
Do you happen to be in the Tokyo area? If so, a group of us have a ride going around Mt. Fuji on Saturday, September 25th. We've got cabins available to stay at Yamanaka Lake Friday night so we can get an early start Saturday. The "A Group" full ride is 120km and the scenery should be pretty spectacular. If you're interested, shoot me off an email and I'll give you all the details.

- Rj

NZLcyclist 09-14-04 03:09 AM

Oh how it would be nice......but I am stuck in Kiwi land!

rjtokyo 09-14-04 03:13 AM


Originally Posted by NZLcyclist
Oh how it would be nice......but I am stuck in Kiwi land!

hey NZLcyclist. I would guess you've got some pretty good rides down there in Kiwi land don't you?

- Rj

roadfix 09-14-04 10:17 AM

Be sure to post some photos! I haven't been around Lake Yamanaka since our elementary school class fieldtrip back in 1964.

Seeker 09-14-04 05:56 PM

That sounds like a lovely ride. Wish I could go.

BTW how do you avaoid those big monster feet and giant robots?

Sorry, couldn't resist the old joke. Always been a big fan of the monster movies and anime. At least I didn't ask about the tenticles.

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