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larue 09-18-04 01:18 PM

Does anyone else love cleaning their bike?
For me it's not a chore, I even clean my wife's bike. It feels good to wipe it all down and get it shiny.
Does anyone else feel this way or is it usually a bother for you?

Gojohnnygo. 09-18-04 01:49 PM

I love to clean the bikes! It's a good time to look them over for mechanical(sp?) problems.

My girlfriend :love: hates me for this after a 4 hour ride. (Hurry up Johnny we're going to miss the movie.) Oh Boy! I hope we do :D Yea,Yea,Yea. I'll be there in a minute. :D

hillyman 09-18-04 01:50 PM

Last year I rode my 1992 DiamondBack hybrid on a rails-to-trails ride. A couple people from my bike club asked me "Is that a new bike?" No, just keeping it waxed and inside the house. Sometimes I think I'm worse than a Harley rider :) Hope I can keep my 2001 Motobecane roadbike like new for many years too!

Portis 09-18-04 01:56 PM

For me it is one of the least rewarding tasks. Aside from cleaning the drive train, i clean the rest of the bike much less often. If I clean my bike today, tomorrow at this same time it is going to be very dirty again. What is the point??

wfin2004 09-18-04 02:07 PM

Funny you should ask! When I bought my Trek 4900 last year I tried to keep it immaculate. I knew about keeping spray to a minimum and all that. Well, I started getting a grinding feeling in the headset only after 2 months. I took it to the Trek dealer where I purchased it. They ended up replacing headset bearings because the old ones were "shot". It cost me $49.00 for those repairs. They would not honor ANY warranty at all. I moaned and groaned to owner and even e-mailed him later. They said it was my fault because I washed it!! It does not say anything in Trek Warranty Manuel about NOT washing your bike. In fact it says you can but go easy on the spray when you are washing it. I have not been back to the LBS in this town since that "incident". I drive all the way to Tampa for even the smallest of Biking needs now. So, to answer your question, Do I enjoy keeping my ride clean? Of course I do, but I refuse to wash it. I don't care how dirty it gets and when people ask me why I don't rinse off the mud, I tell them the story AND I mention the name of the LBS that would not honor warranty and lost a customer over 49 measly dollars.

HereNT 09-18-04 02:26 PM

I clean mine with windex sometimes. Every couple of weeks I clean the chain, and take a rag to the teeth on my chainring and cogs. She's too pretty to be hidden under a layer of dirt.

Unfortunatly, cleaning a bike is like washing a car. It will rain right after you do it :(

my58vw 09-18-04 03:48 PM

Simple green 10 percent in a spray bottle...

randya 09-18-04 03:54 PM

Yeah, about every three years!!!

mswantak 09-18-04 04:58 PM

Heheh; any schoolboy knows a clean bike goes faster. ;)

I admit it; it's a fetish. It makes you feel like you're really involved with your machine without the muss, fuss and seriousness of real nut-and-bolt maintenance, and it is a great way of noticing developing problems before they bite you.

james Haury 09-18-04 06:13 PM

Hello my name is James and I confess i am powerless over my compulsion to clean my bicycle and my life has become unmanageable. ,I polish my bike with automotive paste wax,I i even polish the crank and handlebar! (Group) Hello James welcome to cleanaholics anonymous

Chris L 09-18-04 06:32 PM

Originally Posted by HereNT
Unfortunatly, cleaning a bike is like washing a car. It will rain right after you do it :(

That's actually the thing that most motivates me to do it, and I get very annoyed if it doesn't happen.

I think "love" would be too strong a word to use here. I do it, I don't mind doing it, but it's not something I wake up every morning hoping I can do it today. It used to be a real chore at one point, but now I listen to music while I do it, so it's not so bad.

late 09-18-04 07:12 PM

If you ever vacation in Maine and you need a bike cleaning fix; I got a few bikes and they always need cleaning :D

Lufty 09-18-04 07:46 PM

I like to clean my bike after every ride. I enjoy taking the time to look everything over, and make sure nothing is messed up. For example, durring my regular tire wiping down process, I discovered a small tear from a glass shard, with the glass still in there(did not puncture the tube..yet). Prolly saved me a tube and perhaps a new tire if it had remained in there.
I do usually do the cleaning after the GF has gone to bed tho...she thinks I'm obsessive enough about cycling already!

geoduck 09-18-04 08:43 PM

I'm more on Ranger's wavelength; I'm fanatical about my drivetrain, but the rest of the bike suffers on it's own.

But damn, that drivetrain is clean! I love the look of shiny cogs and chain, and how a freshly cleaned and lubed drivetrain shifts, with no sound at all.

However, I've got the chain and rear wheel off the bike (drying after a degreaser bath); before I put them back on tonight, I'll likely wipe down the rear triangle and all associated bits.

Oh yeah, I did remove, clean, and regrease my derailleur pulleys this afternoon; now that's love!

salmonchild 09-19-04 07:50 AM

Any time you guys feel like cleaning a bike, mine is always in need.... :D

oxologic 09-19-04 08:11 AM

I'd honestly rather have a mechanic. My love for the bike shows when I'm riding it, cleaning it, it gets too bothersome sometimes. I'd prefer just simply riding it.

CycleFreakLS 09-19-04 10:23 AM

Fellow riders have commented to me:
Mtn Bike: clean chain = happy bike
Road Bike: clean bike = happy bike
So, to prevent verbal abuse, I clean the road bike frequently. Drivetrain about every 2 weeks or more if needed. The whole bike would be:

[a.1] drivetrain w/ Finish Line Orange degreaser
[a.2] if super motivated, use Pedros chain keeper and remove rear wheel and clean cassette really good.
[b] wipe bike down w/ those Costco (Kirkland) household wipes - very durable and clean very well
[c] apply Pledge so it has that "hint of lemony freshness" (as I've been told). Actually, the light coat of wax prevents the road grit from really sticking to the frame (just wipes off really easily, even gum).
[d] apply Rock-n-Roll lube
[e] Note: have been trying Pledge instead of White Lightning on the Speedplay X2s.

After ~4.5k annually, the chain still looks like new ... but I still junk it and put a new one on anyways.

P.S. - very satisfying to see the Litespeed look like it did when I picked it up. But ... I'd rather RIDE.

cyclezealot 09-19-04 10:35 AM

Love is a slightly strong word. But determined and feeling proud when I see shiny ultrgra looking shiny..The paint job deserves to shin also because it is a work of art.
I feel more determined about my bike as compared to my car. Bike maybe every third week, car when I can't stand it anymore.
Simple Green is a great way to give the bike a "T and A" wash when you have little time...Yes, I do get a little obsessed when I see the drive train full of gunk. It also makes me a little tiffed when I feel gatorade spilled on the down tube originating from the water bottle.

slvoid 09-19-04 10:40 AM

Originally Posted by mswantak
Heheh; any schoolboy knows a clean bike goes faster. ;)

I admit it; it's a fetish. It makes you feel like you're really involved with your machine without the muss, fuss and seriousness of real nut-and-bolt maintenance, and it is a great way of noticing developing problems before they bite you.

The uneven surface of a golf ball helps it go faster, farther, and stay airborne longer.
A clean bike will have a smooth surface. By keeping your bike dirty and crusty with an uneven surface, you will also be able to go faster, farther, and stay airborne longer.

catatonic 09-19-04 02:39 PM

my mtn bikes can get a bit dirty, but my roadies will be cleaned regularly. man, my trek still needs to get some orange paint removed...i have no clue where eit came from, but its now there....

PriO 09-20-04 10:59 PM

I too have an obsession with cleaning my bike. I clean everything but the BB because I dont have the tools to remove it yet.

randya 09-20-04 11:47 PM

Originally Posted by PriO
...everything but the BB....

AAARRRRRRRRGGGGG matey, that's the most important part!!!! ;)

Travelinguyrt 09-21-04 06:53 AM

Dislike washing windows, my Ranger P/U, and my bike

BUT I do all three cause I like the look of CLEAN. Sides my grandfather always told us

things work finer when clean

maddtali 10-04-04 09:46 AM

Does your Trek manual fail to mention NOT to dip it in a pool and go eazy on the chlorine? I had a boyfriend like you. Read the other replies, clean your bike and get a life.

jfmckenna 10-04-04 09:54 AM

I hate cleaning my bike but I really like a clean bike :)

I wash up the cx bike after racing or muddy training rides only b/c I have too. Road bike about once every 3 weeks and my commuter fixie hardly ever.

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