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Inoplanetyanin 09-18-04 02:51 PM

Hello my fellow bikeforum members. :)

I feel guilty for not showing up for a long time, but hey, internet cafe aren't very cheap in Holland. 2 euros per hour. :)

I had a beautiful vacation/time in the Netherlands, and had a great opportunity to explore it by bicycle (old "select", bought specially for me by my dear girlfriend).

I had all the chances to make sure and agree with all known saying that Holland is a paradise for biking. It is indeed. Bike paths are everywhere. They are safe, cute, convenient etc etc.

Biking in LA feels so strange now. :)

Some pictures for you ladies and gentlemen:

As you can see on the sign, any of these bikes can be purchased for 10 euros

On one of the paths... This is South East of Utrecht... was raining on and off the whole day (a whole week like that)

Inoplanetyanin 09-18-04 03:04 PM

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I don't see how to upload images to bikeforum server. Maybe someone could explain?


Typical picture on the streets of Amsterdam :)

One of the canals in downtown Amsterdam (city centrum)

I missed the speed and lightweight of my Schwinn, but this bike was convenient in the rain, plus complete chain guard made it easy to ride to church in a dress pants. ;)

Inoplanetyanin 09-19-04 10:24 PM

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Oh, and this occasionally can be seen on the streets. :)

Police leaves a little stickers around the brake cables, with a date, and if the bike is still there in 30 days, they remove it.
There are tones of abundant bicycles in Holland.

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