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Gax 07-04-00 07:36 AM

My knowledge of the modern biking world is quite limited, but I didn't realize just how limited it was until I walked into a bike shop this week-end. :)

My wife and I have been interested in a form of exercise that we can do together and actually enjoy. I'd suggested bicyling a while back, but we'd yet to take the plunge.

This past Saturday, we went to one of the local bike shops in our area. I asked specifically to be shown bikes that were hybrids between street and off-road. Since we're new, we want to be able to try both types of riding. We knew we'd be on roads a lot, but we wanted to keep our options open. :)

The guy that helped us let us ride several different bikes. He tried not to overwhelm us with information, but we were easliy overwhelmed. :)

In the end, we went with the ones that felt the best. So far we've been enjoying it very much.

Anyway, I just wanted to stick my toe in the water with an introduction post before jumping all the way in with the newbie questions that I'm sure will come later. :)

Joe Gardner 07-04-00 05:39 PM

Welcome to the forums Gax
I love cycling :D

I set up this website for users like you, im sure any questions you post her can be answerd by our forum members, feel free to post any question, even your newbie questions :)

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