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TimTyler 08-21-10 07:49 PM

Odd Ortlieb Handlebar Mount
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I just purchased an Ortlieb Compact Bar Bag display model from my LBS. The bag was on the display rack mounted on an Ortlieb mount I did not recognize.

At my request, the shop offered me the option of buying the odd mount or the standard Ortlieb mount. I chose the odd mount since since I don't like the Ortlieb key-lock functionality, AND the cable system on this mount looks like it could last many many handlebar changes.

This mount tightens using just the two screws on the front of the mount. There are no screws on the bottom of the mount.

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Attachment 165911

Anybody seen one of these before? Is it an old-style or a beta style that never went public?

I'm curious if this mount is as strong as the standard mount too.

cyclist2000 08-21-10 08:45 PM

have you installed this yet? I was wondering what keeps the bracket from slipping and rotating on the handlebars once the bag is loaded?

TimTyler 08-21-10 08:53 PM

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Yes - It's on and seems to work as well as the standard Ortlieb mount.

I'm honestly a bit scared to tighten the screws 100%, but they're pretty tight and the mount isn't drooping when I press down.

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fietsbob 08-22-10 09:41 PM

It's an Ultimate 3 mount, works just as well, just an earlier version.

I got one with a used RC bar bag , top rolls closed rather than a flap lid.

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