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JOHN Q PUBLIC 09-22-04 02:19 PM

Rohloff internal gear hub ?
Anyone out there using one of these internal geared hubs? What type of riding would this best be used for ? Also, is there alot frame choices for this type of hub ? Thinking this might be a good,'[JACK OF ALL TRADES] type bike if set up the right way ?

Buzzbomb 09-22-04 03:04 PM

I use one for MTBing, and it's held up to some rough use for three seasons now with nothing more than an oil change each year. You get a gear spread equivalent to a nine speed MTB cassette (somewhere around 525%) and can fine tune the range using different cogs and chainrings for your specific use. I have mine mounted in a Van Dessel Buzzbomb, which has specific dropouts for the Rohloff. Do a search for my posts on the mountain bike page, there's one called "all alone" or something like that, it has pics of my bike as well as links to the Van Dessel site. Another cool thing about the Buzzbomb is that it's a 29er so you can use some really fast cross tires on it for pavement work and it has eyelets for racks and fenders. Jack of all trades! If you don't like the Buzzbomb frame, than I suggest you get a singlespeed frame, so that you can adjust chain tension at the bottom bracket (eccentric bb) or at the dropouts (horizontal dropouts). No need for a tensioner is a big plus for the Rohloff, so unless you want rear suspension I'd avoid a frame that necessitates the use of one at all costs.

MichaelW 09-23-04 11:37 AM

Thorn make a really good Rohloff bike with vertical dropouts: the tension comes from a tandem style bottom bracket. See

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