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vol 08-23-10 10:59 PM

Best places to buy lubes?
Since I am new, I don't have experience buying lube. I just bought 2 bottles of lube, one is chain lube. I bought them from online, and they don't seem cheap (considering including shipping cost). So I wonder, is it usually cheaper to buy them online or in local bike shop, or local ___-mart department store?

StephenH 08-23-10 11:03 PM

Never thought to price-check, I just pick it up at the local bike shop when I'm in there.

fietsbob 08-24-10 12:56 AM

Patronize your local bike shop, many online sellers charge you retail + shipping ..

Walk into a 'Brick and Mortar' bike shop, and you save on the shipping. ..

commo_soulja 08-24-10 01:08 AM

Local shop for sure. Sometimes I'll order online if I'm placing a large order.

Mr. Beanz 08-24-10 08:09 AM

I get lube far cheaper at Sport Chalet type stores than I do at the local overpriced LBS.

Retro Grouch 08-24-10 08:52 AM

I've never worried about the price of chain lube. I only use it a drop at a time on each chain link so even one of those tiny bottles lasts me a looong time.

geo8rge 08-24-10 09:09 AM

Cheapest chain lube is none at all. After that is DIY wax. Consider a stainless steel chain.

XR2 08-24-10 09:10 AM

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I use Dupont Teflon on my motorcycle chains as well as the bicycle. $5 a can at Lowes.

Cheap and clean. Doesn't attract dirt or dust like wet lubes do.

vol 08-24-10 09:23 AM

I bought a 6 oz Tri-Flow superior lube w/ teflon from online and with shipping it cost me $15 total :(

cyclezen 08-24-10 10:01 AM

Lubes-R-Us, right next to Spatula City

fietsbob 08-24-10 10:45 AM

Stainless is not immune to friction, Geo8ge, you lubricate a chain to increase the wear life,

and reduce friction, on the moving surfaces. or at least I do ,

you can replace stainless chains if you wish .. they are softer with all that nickel

in the alloy , so wear faster than regular steel and are hard to heat treat harder.

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