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vol 08-23-10 11:06 PM

What is the main reason you ride bicycle?
Would like to see the poll results. Notice it's about the *main* reason, since there can be many reasons. If you answered "Other", please explain. Thanks :)

StephenH 08-23-10 11:09 PM

For me, more specifically, it is exercise that is also fun, unlike jogging or doing stuff in a gym, etc.

96WX3 08-23-10 11:27 PM

Mainly for excercise. Its fun and its amazing how much more you see when riding vs. in a car.

fuji86 08-24-10 12:04 AM

Exercise here too, but I'm using it more and more to get around as primary transportation too. Saves on gas, parking is easier, and the local police aren't handing out tickets or citations, whether it's a speed trap or a traffic cam rolling right on a red light. When the economy is tighter, funny the police use "driving safety" as a tool to be out in full force ?

commo_soulja 08-24-10 12:58 AM

I ride because it's fun. Everything else is secondary.

Machka 08-24-10 05:04 AM

How about ... all of the above?

My main style of cycling is long distance cycling. In order to do long distance cycling, I need to ride a lot and be fit. So much of my riding involves getting fit in order to be able to ride long distances. The types of long distance cycling I enjoy are randonneuring and 24-hour races ... endurance sports. So all that riding I do to get into shape results in riding events, or as a sport. I couldn't do long distance cycling if I didn't enjoy it and find it fun.

I also enjoy touring. In order to be able to tour for a month or more, I have to ride regularly to be fit before the tour ... so back to the exercise/fitness option. But touring, and all the prep work is fun ... so I ride for fun.

I also enjoy riding to explore my area ... I use many of these rides to get in shape for long distance cycling and touring, but I wouldn't do these rides if they weren't fun.

These days I usually walk to commute and run errands etc. The shopping district is about 500 metres away, and my place of employment is 800 metres away ... no point getting the bicycle out for that. But I spent 6 years being car-ownership-free and I cycled to and from work year round, as well as doing some of my errands by bicycle too. I enjoyed that, because those rides (especially the commutes) were great training rides for the long distance events, which brings me back to the exercise, fitness, and fun choices.

And then there's the whole challenge and adventure thing!! Challenge and adventure gets me through some of the long rides I do when the fun aspect diminishes. Long distance riding is a challenging adventure ... it pushes me to my limits, and has also opened up the possibilities of places to go and new things to see. Because of long distance cycling, I've cycled extensively in my local areas ... seeing things which many people don't see (many people don't explore the area where they live) ... and I've travelled to various parts of the world. Touring has also allowed me to go places and see things I may not have if I weren't a cyclist.

And let's not forget about relationships. I (a Canadian) met my Australian husband, Rowan, on a long distance ride in France. We got to know each other on subsequent rides (long distance events and tours) in various parts of the world, then were married after a century ride (100 miles) precisely 2 years ago. Today is our anniversary, and cycling is still an important part of our lives. Despite the winter weather today, we got out for a short ride on a borrowed tandem. :)

cyclist2000 08-24-10 06:18 AM

My health, then all of the above.

DataJunkie 08-24-10 07:44 AM

Whether it is exercise, commuting, training, chores, etc it all boils down to fun.

Wylde06 08-24-10 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by 96WX3 (Post 11342736)
Mainly for excercise. Its fun and its amazing how much more you see when riding vs. in a car.

That, and I ride because it makes my Diabetes easier to manage.

subzeroLV 08-24-10 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Wylde06 (Post 11343787)
That, and I ride because it makes my Diabetes easier to manage.

Trying to control my diabetes without meds. And of course my family. I'd kinda like to stick around for a while :)

hurley.girl 08-24-10 08:52 AM

You forgot an option: to maintain sanity.

vol 08-24-10 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by Machka (Post 11343159)
Today is our anniversary,

Happy Anniversary! :D

MangoPumpkin 08-24-10 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by hurley.girl (Post 11344078)
You forgot an option: to maintain sanity.


But mostly because it's fun.

superdex 08-24-10 09:42 AM

all of the above.

Cyclaholic 08-24-10 10:14 AM

I ride my bike to get to wherever it is I want to be.... and where I want to be could be defined geographically, emotionally, intellectually, physically, or spiritually...

making 08-24-10 10:19 AM

I dont do much shopping so I quess I could mark out that one.

vol 08-24-10 10:20 AM

I should also add the option "Adventure", since it's is so dangerous to ride on the streets these days :twitchy:

fietsbob 08-24-10 10:38 AM

Because my government spent all the money on War and Nuclear weapons stockpiling , instead of Public transportation

and I refuse to spend what little I have left on running a Car, just to go down to the Tavern , 1.5Miles away,
have a pint and a few laughs with friends , then get arrested on the way home.

and when I do visit countrys with passenger trains I get to see the places between stations at 7 MPH.

itsthewoo 08-24-10 12:10 PM

I bike just to bike. Exercise and saving gas is a positive externality.

jr59 08-24-10 01:22 PM

Because it's fun! Some of it is more fun than other parts. Down wind is always more fun than into the wind.

Exercise, saving gas, green lifestyle, all come in second.

I really hope every one rides because it's fun!

TurbineBlade 08-24-10 01:24 PM


What is the main reason you ride bicycle?
The judge took away my license again.

And for exercise, gotta get that excercise.

caloso 08-24-10 01:26 PM

As a cover story for my bulimia and lycra fetish.

skilsaw 08-24-10 03:05 PM

Because I look so hot in lycra.

vol 08-24-10 03:24 PM

I'm a little surprised there are not so many voting for 'commuting'. Guess it will be different if I post this on the Commuting forum. ;)

no motor? 08-24-10 03:31 PM

I bicycle mainly for my health by commuting which is enjoyable (most of the time) and better for the environment.

Happy Anniversary Machka.

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