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lsits 09-22-04 11:36 PM

Yesterday I was eating lunch at a buffet and a lady asked me where I got my Livestrong wristband. I told her where I got it but said that most of the time they were out. I just happened to get lucky one day. A little while later I saw her at a table near mine, so I went up and just handed her my wristband. I expected her to thank me but she just burst into tears. I felt a little uncomfortable, so I just went back to my table. As I was leaving, she was waiting by the door and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight. She told me that her mother had cancer and was in a hospice. She told me that earlier in the day she had gotten a call that her mother had taken a turn for the worse. I told her to have hope. I felt bad for her mother and for the lady, but I also felt good that a little $1 piece of silicon given by a complete stranger could have such an impact on someone's day (or week, or month). I told her to wear it for as long as she wanted and then to pass it along to someone else.

charlesw 09-23-04 01:37 AM

I didn't know they were only $1. That is very cool.
Isits, do you donate platlets? You can donate blood or platlets them in someone's name and it is attributed to their account.

Moonshot 09-23-04 07:07 AM

Nice story, Isits.

rule 09-23-04 08:30 AM

Excellent karma Isits...nice going!

bab 09-23-04 09:37 AM

Very COOL!!! It is great to hear a nice story for a change

allikzar 09-23-04 09:38 AM

I recently just put an order for some of those wristbands for my family. A couple of months ago I found out my Dad has cancer so I am giving everyone in my family one of these wristbands so we can show our support for my Dad and many others out there that have cancer.

Very nice story there.

TheNJDevil 09-23-04 10:44 AM

I expect my bands any day now. I can't believe people are selling them on EBay for upwards of $10 each. I would like to personally lay the smacketh down on anyone making a profit off these things.

MMPC 09-23-04 01:19 PM

Great story - thanks for sharing it. :)

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