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unaesthetic 09-12-04 10:16 PM

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Original Post:

This is the most absurd thing I've seen in a very long time.

As you guys might remember, I recently had the nicest set of wheels I've ever had stolen from me. Today I was hanging out with a friend and we got to talking about that - he said his friend showed him just recently how to open a U-Lock with a ball point pen.

Of course I didn't believe it. That is until just thirty seconds ago when I opened my own Kryptonite Evolution 2000 with a bic ball point pen!

This has to be the most absurd thing I've ever seen. Try it. Take the end off the pen, jam it in the lock, wiggle around and twist.

Please tell everyone you know and make sure they do something about it right away. The theives probably already know this trick but from what I've heard it's fairly new. I figure the information is going to get out anyway and so it's better to let the honest people know first and hope this problem gets fixed.

You've got to be kidding me - most people consider these the standard for locking up. And it's a BALL POINT PEN that can break them open!? WTF. I will be on the phone with Kryptonite locks first thing tomorrow morning.asdf

unaesthetic 09-12-04 10:16 PM

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Spread the word, link to!

Please note, testing this on your own lock may break or jam your lock! Please read the whole thread, and only try this on your lock if you can afford to replace it!

New: Canton, MA September 22, 2004


If you currently own a Kryptonite tubular cylinder lock and are concerned about the security of this lock, Kryptonite will exchange this lock for you with a comparable non-tubular cylinder lock.

To participate in the exchange program, please send an email to [email protected]

You will receive an auto response asking you for information including your name, address and lock type. It will also give you information on exchanging your lock. Kryptonite will pay the postage for all exchanges. Please note that this email address sends an auto response do not send questions to this email address as it is not monitored. If you have questions, please send an email to [email protected]

We expect locks to begin shipping in mid-October.

</ edit >

JWalton215 09-12-04 10:32 PM

This is a krypto with the circular-type key? Either way that is ****ed.

dirtydan 09-12-04 10:35 PM

dam, thats crazy shyte.

absntr 09-12-04 10:36 PM

How did you do this? I just tried it - all I did was mess up a ball point.

unaesthetic 09-12-04 10:42 PM

The model I did it with was a 2000 Evolution Mini.

You take the end cap off, push it into the lock just as you would a key, turn.

I can't verify or deny that this works with other models because I haven't had the chance to try.

I do think however that this is what everyone who is serious about keeping their bikes safe usually use - the Krypto site gives this lock a 4 1/2 star (out of 5) K-Tough rating. It is supposed to be virtually unbreakable.

unaesthetic 09-12-04 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by JWalton215
This is a krypto with the circular-type key? Either way that is ****ed.

Yes, circular key - the diameter of the pen has to match that of your key.

sora8speed 09-12-04 11:21 PM

hmmm....i dunno which kryptonite model I have, but the end of the standard bic pen (taking the end off is a real pain) did fit the circular key lock. I jammed it in, wiggled it around, and turned, but nothing happened. Maybe I didnt wiggle it around properly, but I couldnt get it to open....

unaesthetic 09-12-04 11:28 PM


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holy freaking awesome. hahahah!

absntr 09-12-04 11:30 PM

I have the same lock. I went through 8 different pens. Two Bics. I couldn't get a single one inside the slim circle. From what I can tell, four of the 7 points need to be depressed before you can turn the lock - from your explanation, it seems that you were able to turn the nib through all 7 points one after the other, however, it seems that as soon as you pass one, it comes right back up and thus one of the points doesn't pass the test - thereby unlocking fails. I'm pretty concerned but I can't get it to open, even with two Bics.

collegeskier 09-12-04 11:32 PM

This is along the same theory as picking a standard lock. With the right equipment you have no idea how easy it is to open up a standard house lock. My friends had a lock pick kit and you could pop open a keyed master lock in a minute. Sure you house has 7 or so cylinders but still. The key to the whole thing is to twist the lock a little then to start setting the heights of each pin. I woudl actually think you would need two pens to do it or do put your fingers on part or something. Lock picking not as easy as TV not as hard as you would hope.

unaesthetic 09-12-04 11:38 PM

I don't exactly know why this works, and I've got a little lock picking knowledge. I can't reproduce it because I can't get the barrel back to the original position. It's essentially locked open for the time being.

All I can say is that it worked, and very easily - just as the person who told me about it described. I bet in 24 hours or so you'll see pleanty of posts here from people who can verify this.

unaesthetic 09-12-04 11:53 PM


I filed the outer nub off of one of my keys (so as to allow entry into the keyhole even if the barrel is in the open position), and was able to re-lock the lock. It seems as though you can't re-lock it with the pen unless you don't turn the barrel the whole 180 degrees, but you can infact get the U out of the locking mechanism and re-lock it using only a pen if you are careful.

I recall seeing a few posts recently (I don't recall if they were on or not) - about people who "thought they locked their bike" only to find the bike gone and the lock mysteriously still on the pole. A friend of mine just told me a similar story, and I think I know why this is happening now.

catatonic 09-12-04 11:58 PM

hmm, looks like I gotta replace all my locks now. So are there any other good lock makers around? Preferably ones that use car-key style locks?

This sucks, I got my talus outside with two krypto u-bolts....looks like I have to find a place for it inside tonight.

roadfix 09-13-04 12:01 AM

Hell.......I'm dumpin' all my Kryptonite stock first thing tomorrow morning! ;)

qmsdc15 09-13-04 08:11 AM

Is anybody else able to do this or heard of this?

goddamngoddamn 09-13-04 08:31 AM

the kryptonite NY ulocks have a different locking mechanism, a key more like a car key, but at this point who wants to buy another goddamn kryptonite since thats what we are all screwed with right now...

maybe if enough of us complain theyd set up an exchange program so we can switch for locks with a different kind of key?

can someone post the 800# for kryptonite?

pitboss 09-13-04 09:17 AM

1-800-SAY-LOCK (USA)
781-828-6655 (outside USA)
437 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021, USA

dirtydan 09-13-04 09:17 AM

1-800-SAY-LOCK (USA)
781-828-6655 (outside USA)
437 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021, US

BlastRadius 09-13-04 09:48 AM

Haha, the pen is mightier than the saw! I'll have to try it on my Evo 2000 mini.

46x17 09-13-04 09:58 AM

Tried, tried, tried, failed. Could not open lock and have the one described. will try more later on.

qmsdc15 09-13-04 10:05 AM

Yeah, I can't do it, but I struggle to open even w the key sometimes! Is it real? I don't want to call anyone a liar, but I've heard of internet hoax...

spectreman 09-13-04 10:11 AM


this is crazy!
it's a little difficult to get the end of the pen jammed over the center metal piece of the lock, but after you do, yer there - took me about 30 seconds.....

ahhhhh - i was paranoid before, now i'm gonna lose my mind.

anyway - thanks for the warning.


brunning 09-13-04 10:21 AM

i'm at work now, but has anyone tried this with a New York 3000 u-lock or any of the New York chain locks?

unaesthetic 09-13-04 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by spectreman

this is crazy!
it's a little difficult to get the end of the pen jammed over the center metal piece of the lock, but after you do, yer there - took me about 30 seconds.....

ahhhhh - i was paranoid before, now i'm gonna lose my mind.

anyway - thanks for the warning.


I'm curious - what model lock do you have? I'm trying to see which locks are vunerable to this hack. I don't know if some of them aren't or people just aren't doing it right.

I'm probably going to make a small video later on so people take this seriously.

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