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The Pirate 08-29-10 02:12 PM

Need Help ID-ing bike
I recently salvaged this bike from a dumpster. The only real issue the bike had was the crank was shot. I have dissasembled the bike and I am picking and choosing parts from the local bike bone yard to finish the bike to my desires. The main issue here is that i cannot find any makers mark on it any where as all markings were removed. The stampings on the frame have been a dead end as well. I like this frame and i really dont care if it is a cheapy as i got it for free and can build it into a descent bike on the cheap. I just want to know who makes it.[email protected]/4938404829/

The Pirate 08-29-10 02:40 PM

Some added info on the bike. The rear derailer is a Shimano mega pully 13t. The front break caliper is Unique brand unknow model. Break handles are Alnova.
Shimano aloy cranks and pedals. Grip shift Max shifters. Front derailer is Shimano as well.

fietsbob 08-29-10 03:00 PM

Could have been stolen and stripped.. then tossed.

No Clue , Generic Aluminum Mountain bike frame..
You got the rear suspension parts too ? ,
if not its not going to be a reasonable cost build. recycle the metal then..

Better off just buying a new, or at least a bike with all the parts intact.

The Pirate 08-29-10 03:15 PM

No I have all the parts and I know the person who dummped it. It languished on their apartment balcony for years and never moved untill it ended up in the dumpster. there are a few stampings on the frame on the crank hub. (TA TD) and a (6) and (ZL 01 2 57608 5) finaly there seems to be a hand etched nuber as well hard to read as it was porly done. (88182320)

The Pirate 08-29-10 03:38 PM

I have decided that cost of rebuilding is of no concern for me. I am not planning to ride in any events so it doesnt have to have super awsome top of the line parts. It just has to work well as long as it is well taken care of.
I am planning to try and use mostely used parts from the local bike farm. The pay off for me is building a bike I like the look of and suits me as a rider.

LongIslandTom 08-29-10 05:19 PM

That bike frame in your photo is one of those Walmart bikes-- A NEXT dual-suspension mountain bike. Here's a photo of a bike with the same exact frame, with scuffed-up paint:

The Pirate 08-29-10 06:28 PM

Cool. I figured it was probably a wall mart special. No problem Im still going build it into a pretty awsome bike. With a littel tlc some parts and paint I will have a cool custom bike that I built. Thanks LongIslandTom.

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