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KruiserIV 08-31-10 01:12 AM

Seeking Advice on a new bike!
Gree-tings BF.

SHORT VERSION: My LBS has $3,250 of mine and I will be purchasing a new bicycle tomorrow, possibly the Trek Portland.

Questions: Is this a solid bicycle? What upgrades should I add for a 13 mile commute (one-way)? I'm very new to the commuter bicycle market and I would greatly appreciate ANY advice you guys can share.

I ordered a Carbon District two months ago and the delivery date was recently pushed back for a second time to late September.

I'm considering canceling that order and placing a new one for a Trek Portland 2011. I realize the bikes serve two different purposes, but my need for a commuter with a little hauling capacity is greater than my need for a strictly fun quick-getter.

Since the Carbon District is already paid for, my LBS says he can cancel the order as soon as I give him the word and he will place an oder for a bike of same/similar costs, to include optional components such as racks etc.

NOW, what I came here for is a little advice on what I may need for this bike?

Carbon District (as I paid for it) - $3.250

What I'm thinking about buying:
-Portland Organ - $1,650
-Race X Lite Wheels (for my Madone as trainers) - $900

Leaving me with $550-800 to spend on other components. The math doesn't add up, but the prices above are MSRP and my LBS usually knocks off $100 or $200.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

pwdeegan 08-31-10 02:03 AM

the portland is a great bike. personally, instead of fragile race wheels, i'd replace the stock drive with a high zoot IGH and swap in some real fenders. i'd also get some nice lights for the commute, along with rain gear.

KruiserIV 08-31-10 02:35 AM

The wheels were for the madone, but I'm going to put those on the back burner. For $3,250 total costs, what could be my best upgrades to this as far as reducing weight and upgrading the drivetrain?

Edit: Typo.

tsl 08-31-10 03:25 AM

See my comments on your other thread,

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