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livestrong91 09-24-04 03:14 PM

What's Your Favorite Pro Road Team(s)?
My favorite team is US Postal. I also like T-Mobile and Phonak.

Hornbiker 09-24-04 03:22 PM

I like Euskaltel-Euskadi. Lots of pretty Latin men in orange. Ahem. Sorry!

They all could certainly use an extra sandwich or milkshake though.

livestrong91 09-24-04 04:15 PM

Anyone else?

orguasch 09-24-04 04:49 PM

I like the Banesto and the Fassa Bortolo Team

PainTrain 09-24-04 04:50 PM

Since I work for one of them, Health Net/Maxxis, how's that for obscure?

Ugliest. Jerseys. Ever. :p

smoore 09-24-04 04:54 PM

7-11. Great bunch of guys when cycling was still fresh, exciting and on the rise in the U.S. Yes, I'm old.

glomarduck 09-24-04 06:18 PM

the cutters

Indolent58 09-24-04 06:38 PM

The one that just won.

BigFloppyLlama 09-24-04 06:40 PM

Webcor! Or Euskaltel-Euskadi.

nowonder 09-24-04 07:09 PM

Victory Beer!

pedal 09-24-04 07:54 PM

My GF's cousin is Michael Barry, so I am obligated to cheer him and the USPS boys on. Oh and I hear they have some Lance guy who's supposed to be good too.

lofter 09-24-04 08:03 PM

renault-elf ,kas ,panasonic ,skill,ah the good old days

livestrong91 09-24-04 08:51 PM

Originally Posted by pedal
Oh and I hear they have some Lance guy who's supposed to be good too.

lol, that's good stuff.

cyclezealot 09-24-04 09:25 PM

Have some loyalty to Jelly Belly because it is local.. Cat 1 teams..Either Fasso Bortollo or La Boulangarie.

pedal 09-25-04 02:03 AM

Originally Posted by livestrong91
lol, that's good stuff.

Ya, I'm looking forward to meeting/riding with Michael. I have one of his team caps, given to me by his uncle. I fantasize about getting to ride with his team.

ctyler 09-25-04 06:52 AM


TheNJDevil 09-25-04 10:51 AM

Team Telekom

Dannihilator 09-25-04 10:57 AM

None of them.

Xtrmyorick 09-25-04 11:45 AM


SteveE 09-25-04 06:54 PM

Webcor. CSC.

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