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bagle 09-25-04 06:56 AM

Fat boy on a fatboy
I thought this was pretty funny...

I was in the left turn lane at a downtown intersection waiting for the light to change. I was on my fixed gear Paramount OS doing a trackstand. I was only semi-geeked out, wearing bike shorts, tee shirt, helmet w/mirror, spd sandals and I had my LED blinkie on. This guy on a motorcycle pulls up beside me (no helmet) in the same lane. I said hello and comlimented him on his nice and shiny ride. The guy looks at me like I'm from I'm from France or somewhere and says, "wanna race?" I laughed and shot back, "no, wanna compare cholesterol levels?" He scowled and roared off as soon as the light changed. I laughed my *** off!!!

To top it off, I actually passed him later on due to city traffic flow, traffic lights, etc. Its fun riding in inner city traffic!

seely 09-25-04 07:06 AM

If thats semi geeked out, how much stuff do you have when you are fully geeked out :D If someone were to say "wanna race" to me I don't see any reason to be a jerk about it for what its worth.

bpohl 09-25-04 07:17 AM

Still, that was a pretty damn good comeback!

Phatman 09-25-04 07:19 AM

I would have raced him.

progre-ss 09-25-04 07:56 AM

That guy prolly saw the Lance Armstrong commercial where LA challenges that Harley guy at the end of the commercial. Maybe he thought he was being funny! Nonetheless, glad he didn't pummel you into the ground! And ya, like someone else said, if that's semi-geeked out, I'm scared of the full-on geek in you!

bagle 09-25-04 09:03 AM

Yes, I was alittle too harsh. Mouth engaged before brain, I guess.

Fully geeked out would be (IMHO) all that stuff plus a jersey, $200 Sidi's, a saddle bag or paniers, a blinking headlight and this beautiful Paramount frame set up with gears!! (That last part is the only one that will happen, though)

slvoid 09-25-04 09:54 AM

Maybe he said it as kind of a friendly joke?
Unless he whipped out a large hunting knife and said, "you wanna race, boy?"

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