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hooligan 09-25-04 12:19 PM

Is it just me or is norco's site down?

??? What happened?

rios 09-25-04 12:43 PM

Hmm I can't see it either

F1_Fan 09-25-04 12:47 PM

Was down yesterday for me... still down today.

Vision- 09-25-04 01:54 PM

I searched for "Norco Bikes" on Google and received this:

Upgrading server, please visit later. - 1k - 23 Sep 2004

xanatos 09-25-04 08:49 PM

Its been down for over two weeks actually. Heh I use Opera web browser, and one of my windows always loads Norco's page for their Volante hybrid. About two weeks ago (maybe even a bit more) it stopped loading.

That's a long server upgrade :|

Heh of course mostly Canadians in the thread... everyone else is like "who's Norco?" :P

Vision- 09-26-04 08:07 AM

They're baaaack! With a fancy new site! :D

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