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bicycle_monkey 09-07-10 08:38 PM

My new Site:
Hey- I know this is my first post but I wanted to get some feedback on the site.
[edit] link gone [/edit]
The site has some good traction and good traffic but I am having trouble getting people to list items.
Let me know if you have any suggestion- we want to have a give back model so I hope that the transaction fees are not too much, but maybe this is why people shy away.
Any feedback would be great.
Thanks Tim

pablosnazzy 09-07-10 09:11 PM

i like the name, reminds me of bikemonkey magazine

RonH 09-08-10 05:09 PM

Sorry Tim but i had to remove the link. Here's why (from the Bike Forums Guidelines - in the FAQ):
Refrain from using BikeForums to advertise your site, items for sale, commercial services or website. You may attach a short link to your site within your profile or signature.

bicycle_monkey 09-13-10 01:23 PM

sorry Ron.
I understand.

Thanks Tim

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