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garybuckham 09-13-10 12:27 PM

Calling all "Fat Bike" Riders
Looking for anyone who rides a Surly Pugsley or similar "fat tyred" bike, like this one?


dmac49 09-13-10 12:37 PM

Nice ride guy !

kaltsoplyn 09-13-10 05:31 PM

Somewhat off topic, but I've always wondered how much does one of those weigh? How much drag do you feel riding on (or through?) muddy sand? I mean, what is the perimeter of your thigh?

(nice indeed, though).

XR2 09-13-10 06:10 PM

I believe that looks like a fun ride. Do tell.

chaadster 09-13-10 06:57 PM

This is one of the most fascinating categories of bike, to me. I'd never seen nor heard of them before this summer, when I ran into a guy on a local trail with a Wildfire Designs ride. It was definitely wild, and definitely fired my imagination!

I have yet to ride one, but this kind of bike is on my shortlist for sure.

cyclist2000 09-13-10 08:55 PM

Look at this thread this guy was cleaning the garage.

GriddleCakes 09-13-10 09:33 PM

A bunch of the regulars at the AKspokes forum ride 'em in the winter, you might wanna surf on over there too.

jgedwa 09-13-10 10:08 PM

I have a Surly 1x1 Rat Ride with 24x3.0 tires. Does that count?


garybuckham 09-14-10 01:39 AM

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

The Pugsley is quite difficult to describe. It's a bit heavier than the usual mountain bike, and I generally find myself running a gear lower than I might normally. But to be honest, none of this matters because the Pugsley is simply just great fun! The fat tyres make it comfortable, I can ride on the beach, along soft sand in the dunes, across peat bogs, long grass, even ploughed fields, all with ease. Once you've ridden one you tend to be smitten. I bought two new bikes last year, a Dawes Ultra Galaxy and a Genesis iOiD, both good quality bikes, yet they sit gathering dust as I only want to ride the Pugsley. Guess that says it all really.


SLPRJP 09-14-10 10:15 PM

That is wild and I want one!

mastertongue 09-14-10 10:31 PM

whats the top speed on that thing :D it looks like an absolute tank

CrimsonEclipse 09-14-10 11:40 PM

I own a Pugsley, and I love it.

Things to know:
Change the way you ride, big roots and "baby head" rocks disappear, the bike is almost IMPOSSIBLE to slide (even with 203mm rotors) and traction is insanely high.
Fat Bikes were originally designed for snow.
It's at home on sand, I ride it on a soft sand beach and it doesn't washout.
It will go where you tell it. So if you are used to cutting corners you may want to hold the centerline, even in the corners.,
It will go over and through almost anything, including other bikes.
It IS a tank, weight weenies need not apply. (around 27-34lb)
It is the most fun on a bike I've EVER had.
You will your upper body MUCH more (and it'll be worth it)
Fat bikes are also knows Expedition Bikes
Note: if you ride it on a boardwalk, you will get funny comments every 30 seconds on average.

Things to know about the build:
1. Wheels are offset and need to be custom made. (for the Pugsley, the fame is offset to allow chain clearence with the tires)
2. Wheels are both 130MM Front AND Back and can be swapped front and back. Why. Cassette on one, single speed on the other, Blow the Derailleur? swap and ride it as a single speed.
3. When you buy disk brakes, buy 2 rear assemblies (see #2)
4. Tire pressures will be from 5-12 PSI (this is NOT a misprint)
5. Tires are usually 26"x4.0". Outer diameter is the same as a 29" due to the size, some have mounted 29" rims with slicks.
6. Bottom bracket is 100MM
7. Front Derailleur is an E-Type Derailleur.
8. I strongly suggest 203MM rotors. Re: traction

That's a good start.

whassisa 09-18-10 01:08 PM

CrimsonEclipse- you make me envious!

Aussie_Al 09-18-10 01:17 PM

Great bike - what could I expect to pay to pick up one? 2nd hand?

Northwestrider 09-18-10 03:28 PM

The tires must be expensive. The bike looks like it would be great for some of the forest service roads in my area. Olympic Mountains.

CrimsonEclipse 09-19-10 03:09 PM

Tires run $90 each (yep expensive)

I've seen on Ebay from $900 (single speed) to near $2k for full expedition equipment.

There are a wide range of rims, many of them 100mm wide to help put even more tread on the dirt, and some with lightening holes to reduce weight.

There are also other companies (like FatBack) that make a more conventional design with smaller frames, titanium or aluminum, using 130-150MM rear hubs to avoid the offset design.
This design makes front/rear wheel swap impractical so they are better for local runs instead of cross state/country expedition runs.

I'll see if I can find a photo.

NormanF 10-04-10 02:33 AM

Yup... original Rat Ride Fat Bike aficianado here. I'm still torn though between a Surly Pugsley and a Salsa Mukluk.

yak 10-04-10 01:12 PM

Fat bikes rule!

Arcanum 10-04-10 02:25 PM

Woah, awesome! That looks like a great winter bike!

pablosnazzy 10-04-10 10:18 PM

dammit! those i might have to buy ANOTHER bike......

BulkyRider 10-05-10 12:22 AM

YOU GUYS...GUILTY!! made me wanna get one!

wahoonc 10-05-10 05:51 AM

I test rode one last year, yup they can be addictive...gotta sell some bikes first though...FWIW the one I rode had a leaf blower mounted to it for clearing the local MUP :D

Aaron :)

carlspeed 10-05-10 04:12 PM

That looks like some wicked fun!

CrimsonEclipse 10-06-10 11:18 PM

At Hollywood Beach:

ARider2 10-22-10 04:46 PM

Fat tire bikes rock! I love riding my TommiSea Terrain Destroyer on the beach. The 8 speed IGH drivetrain provides a great range of gearing, but on the beach I am usually in gear 1, 2 or 3.

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