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morganw 09-13-10 03:40 PM

two bolt kickstand source in USA?
There seem to be two (German?) standards for kickstands that use two M5 machine screws instead of one giant bolt: 40mm apart and 18mm (17mm claimed on some pages). I've found two manufacturers: Hebie, who makes the 661 and 662 for 40mm and Esge/Pletscher which make the Comp and Comp Zoom for 18mm and Comp 40 and Comp 40 Zoom for 40mm. I think "zoom" refers to an adjustable length leg. sells the Hebie chainglider, but only lists one kickstand (a two-leg centerstand) and lists it as out.

HP Velotechnik puts 18mm holes on the Street Machine & Hostel Shoppe sells the Pletscher Comp for $36.

Thor USA has the Pletscher Comp Zoom for $24 for Dahons.

Specialized puts two bolt kickstands on some of the Globes & older Crosstrails. It looks like a Pletscher with the "one less car" symbols stamped on it. it also looks like 18mm.

I'm going to try to get my local Specialized shop to sell me one, but I sure would like a stand with 40mm spacing. I have to fabricate a mounting plate anyway, so I might as well make it a little bigger & stronger, though still a lot lighter than the monster plates the single bolt stands use.

DieselDan 09-13-10 06:30 PM

Many a good product never sees a sale in the USA due to the over-litigiousness of our court system.

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