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zachsilvey 09-15-10 05:51 PM

How Much Can I Expect To Pay?
If a bike from a company like Trek is $1600 MSRP how much can I expect to pay at a LBS?

abqtj 09-15-10 06:29 PM

for the same bike??

dahut 09-15-10 06:45 PM

As much as the market will bear. You will probably see a 20% break on the current year models.
Last years bikes are where the discounts are.

fietsbob 09-15-10 06:53 PM

Doubt Trek sells into the Gray or black market ,, if you do all the work a bike shop does to build up a bike
and get it ready for the customer and the showroom floor, and you may find one of those bikes direct bikes
with names lifted from history on them..

The Shop has payroll and overhead to meet every month. and they do that by selling stuff..

Joemess 09-15-10 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by zachsilvey (Post 11471383)
If a bike from a company like Trek is $1600 MSRP how much can I expect to pay at a LBS?

Probably around $1600 bucks... Granted, you can try to horse trade them down and when they go out of business complain about not having a local bike shop to use anymore.

CNY James 09-15-10 07:42 PM

One of the local shops that I visit puts their bikes on the rack for MSRP. Not sure how much negotiating they will do but that's what the tag says.

Another shop I frequent usually has them up for $100 below MSRP give or take (and depending on the bike, some are more and some are less) They will usually throw an offer like "buy it today and I'll sell for tagged price - $x" they make their money on accessories and service and they know it and dont try to hide it.

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