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Gonzoso 10-15-10 03:07 PM

Bike computer prblems
I just ordered a bike computer from REI. It is a Sigma BC1009. I am very particular with my bike so I spent quite a while routing the wire, getting everything just right on my new Vent Noir. So I get it all done, the housing, wire, sensor and all are attached and I clip in the computer and the housing shatters.:(

What is a good solid computer? I have a Vette or something on my mountain bike that has been solid for like 4 years of abuse. I want something I can mount in the middle of the bar, on the headset preferably. I don't need anything fancy, I just need distance, mph, clock, that kind of thing.

I am sort of getting sick of buying stuff online and might be taking my business to my LBS more as the frustration of dealing with this kind of thing is not worth the savings.

I also bought a pair or biking shoes that fit, but aren't quit wide enough. I thought they would break in but they haven't yet.

I found a few biking computers on

these sites for pretty cheap. I am not into cheap stuff normally but these look more solid than that mount for the sigma I have(had).

desertdork 10-15-10 04:05 PM

Your LBS probably stocks Cateye products. The Strada is a nice unit: available in wired ($39), wireless ($59), and wireless w/cadence ($80?) versions. You can buy replacement parts (magnet, sensor, mount, etc) at the dealer or thru Cateye. I have two wireless models - one mounted on the bar, the other on the stem. The bracket can be removed and remounted in less than a minute without tools and without cutting cable ties. Some people have commented that the numbers could be larger, though I haven't had an issue with less than 20/20 vision. There is no backlight.

stapfam 10-17-10 02:14 PM

LBS purchases are more secure. You have someone to go back to for warranty- advice and Stock of parts. I know you can buy offline cheaper but it does not always pay. In particular for clothing. I never buy clothing unless I can try it on.

And that sigma mount- Contact your supplier- or Sigma direct as it should not have broken that easily.

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