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brunning 10-03-04 10:18 AM

random: does anyone have bike frame line art i can use?
Here's a random question that I thought I'd ask before spending hours re-creating it myself.

I'm looking for a side-view line drawing of a generic road bicycle frame done in a program like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand that I can use in artwork.

Does anyone know of such a thing?


MadMan2k 10-03-04 11:42 AM

I don't see how it could take hours...

edit: that's built into photoshop.

Mtn Mike 10-03-04 11:43 AM

A while back someone posted a really cool illustration of a brown Surly Steamroller, along with the original photo of the bike. I can't remember anything about it, to find that pic on the forums. I'll keep looking.

larue 10-03-04 12:24 PM

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here, this one is nice:

capsicum 10-04-04 03:33 AM

I think he wants vector art, it's a paticular type of computer graphic that can be manipulated many more ways than simple pixle art like bitmaps(data is stored and processed as individual pixles rather than lines/vectors) .

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