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miamicuse 10-30-10 09:14 PM

Hitch mount bike rack - folds up AND down
I am looking for a 2" hitch mount bike rack.

The top bike rack vendors do not make one that works the way I would like.

The one I have now is a two bike carrier rack by Topline. When it is not in use, it can be folded up OR down. When it is folded down, it is completely out of the way of the rear door and you can leave it just like that without removing it at all. When you want to use it then flip it up and load the bikes.

The frame is raised as it comes out of the hitch, so even when folded down, it is not too low to hit the pavement. I have left it this way for over a year on my pathfinder and no problem. Here are a few pictures:

Recently I was rear ended and the rack is damaged and I need a replacement rack. I looked at Yakima, Saris, Thule etc... and none of them offered that.

Any suggestions?

The one I had was made by Topline ( I am looking for one with three bike capacity possibly.

cryptid01 10-31-10 10:33 AM

It's not exactly what you're asking for, but the Thule T2 "Hitch Switch™ lever tilts carrier away from vehicle for trunk, hatch or tailgate access."

I have the T2's predecessor made by sportworks that has this feature. With it I can open the hatch on my 4runner even with bikes on the rack. Retention system is versatile and bomber. Expandable up to 4 bikes.

trek2.3bike 11-01-10 09:17 PM


jgjulio 11-02-10 08:00 AM

I use the Saris Thelma. It is super easy to use. I do have to fold it down to open the back of my SUV but it very quick and easy.
It is the easiest bike rack I have ever used to mount and to put bikes on and off.

kh777 11-02-10 10:02 AM

When I was shopping around I noticed the current (2nd gen?) Yakima Holdup has the down-tilt capability like the Thule T2 (I have the T2). The tilt is more like 30 degrees or so, not 90 degrees like your rack, though.

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