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CycleFreakLS 10-08-04 06:14 PM

What a SuperDump

Originally Posted by ucsd_cyclist
theyrs a tax free sale this weekend at supergo

First, some of Supergo's "List Price" markings are total junk ... so overinflated it is not even funny.
Compare the same item(s) at Colorado Cyclist, Performance, etc., some have a 20% markup.
With that ...

Went in with a catalog so Supergo can Price Match as they claim.
They will price match.
Now, they won't honor their tax free sale.

What a bunch of clowns.
No wonder my friends refer to it as SuperDump and refuse to buy items there.

Oh yeah ... the catalog ... it is THEIR OWN.

shokhead 10-08-04 06:18 PM

So dont shop there.

fogrider 10-14-04 02:59 PM

it was different in the past, but since performance bought them out, things are different.

Robjustice 10-14-04 03:12 PM

I have ordered from them, showing the part in stock. Only to call them a week later to find out were my order is, and find out that the part is not in stock. I pointed out to them that it still shows in stock. They said maybe they would have it by November...

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