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superstar4410 10-09-04 03:55 PM

Seagull Century
Wheww, that was fun. Glad it didn't rain like it did last year. I'm quite proud of myself because I improved upon my time from last year by 55 mins, Last year my riding time was 5 hours and 58mins, this year I managed to do 5 hours and 3 minutes. I'm definitely going to try to do less than five hours next year.

Any of you guys ride the century?

superstar4410 10-09-04 10:43 PM


Indolent58 10-09-04 10:47 PM

Sorry.... we were temporarily blinded by your shorts.

Not this time, but I did three Seagulls when I lived in DC. A great fun ride.

superstar4410 10-10-04 01:27 PM


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